Tuesday, May 11, 2010

because these moments
need to be remembered
my life is pretty simple right now
not really by choice
mostly because i moved to a new city,
where i know very few people,
where i live in an apartment with no furniture,
where i mostly just house hunt all day,
where house hunting is sort of on hold this week,
where i take care of my two boys,
where i only put on make-up if the occassion requires,
where the occassion rarely requires,
where i share a car with my husband
where on days that i'm too lazy to get up early to take him to work
i'm home all day with not much to do...
but i'm not complaining
it's kind of nice to just enjoy the everyday moments
because they pass too quickly
like this sweet little trickle of spit up...
i'm kidding about the "sweet" part
and this pile of laundry
clean yet unfolded
and how i truely believed that my hatred for folding clean laundry
would stay behind in boston
and that vegas would awaken in me a deep and abiding love
for speedy and efficient laundry foldage
and how i was wrong about that
and loving, loving, LOVING having the time to do this several times a day
because his smiles are priceless
and how i totally made this picture black and white to try to hide my aged, make-up-less face
and how i totally and completely got 100% snookered by a door to door magazine sales-chick today
because she flattered me by saying my kids were the cutest in all the whole world
and how i don't look like i could possibly have given birth only two months ago
and how i look far too young to be married for almost eight years
and how i bought a mag subscription in response to her very effective flattery
and now yoga journal will show up at my house every month for the next two years
if i ever have a house to live in, that is
and how even though darek made fun of me for fully getting snookered
i'm secretly looking forward to getting my monthly yoga magazine
and like to pretend it will make me do more yoga
so that i can look less aged
(to be pronounced in two syllables "ag-ed")
((and how i just googled the word "syllables" to make sure i spelled it correctly))
and how atticus ended this day with no less than
a burn on his finger from helping me make a quesadilla
a scrap on each knee from tripping while running in the park
and a sore elbow from a really big funny bone bonk
and how i ended this day
with no less than seven ghirardelli chocolate squares
in fact, probably a lot more than seven
but i throw away the wrappers as i go
to eliminate the evidence
and ease the accountability
and how someday (but not today) it will be funny
that two nights ago we woke up with a hole in the blow up mattress
and that tonight will be our third night of sleeping on the floor
and how this is mostly what atticus does on days we are stranded at home
and how i've just decided not to feel guilty about it

and how i also had to decide not to feel guilty when i let atticus play with water on the patio
even though vegas is in an eternal drought
and we're not supposed to waste water
and how they only let you put grass in 25% of your backyard
to save water
and how we'll probably break that rule when we buy a house
because having a great yard is partly why we moved here

and how we went to the park to feed the ducks this evening
and it was just one of those magical evenings
that you love being a mom
with young kids
even though your young kid
is constantly trying to jump into the sick, nasty pond
which he did in fact do last week
but you go back anyway
and just hope that this time
he won't
but you had him wear his gross shoes from last week
just in case he does

and how you just assumed that your baby would fall right to sleep
while being pushed through the park in the stroller
but he totally didn't
so you had to walk back to the car
and get your ergo carrier
so that you could keep enjoying your walk through the park
which was fine
because it's fun to snuggle the little guy
and kiss his fuzzy head
when he's in the carrier

and how the sunset was so breath-taking during your walk
that you were so mad you had put your camera back in the car
when you went back to get your ergo
and how you didn't get to take a picture of the sunset
but since you didn't have your camera
you were forced to just live in the moment
and enjoy the beauty while it lasted
i hope your day was filled with moments that need to be remembered


Allison said...

Ha,ha! Sometimes I get snookered by the door-to-door salesmen, too. I start to feel all empathetic remembering my pest control days. I'm not saying her strategy wasn't a calculated ploy but you truly do look too young to have been married 8 years and way too hot to have had a baby two months ago. So, enjoy it!

MaryClaire said...

thanks...i needed that post today.

Gramma Dani said...

All I can say is...awesome post!!!

Likely said...

There is something so lovely about the ordinary. thank you for seeing the beauty of our motherly lives.

Keleigh, Cecilia and Family said...

moments go by all too quickly. their funny sayings get all too forgotten. TVB!