Wednesday, May 26, 2010

last weekend
we had the nieces and nephews over for a little pool/pizza party
it was so much fun! sadly i didn't get pics of kenz and cannon because they had to
head out to a soccer game. but brinkley, keaton and carter stuck around for all the festivities
the best quote of the day:
"this is TOO much fun!
i can't stop having fun!"

~ keaton
beckett - showing off his bicep chub

the twins making the babe giggle

in true mccoy fashion, the event was full of all manner of competitions
the coloring contest

wrestling matches
acrobatics on the bed

body slamming
fyi - the twins are 4 years older and 2 inches taller than atticus
they make for the perfect wrestling companions!
pillow fights

they also played king of the mountain, tag, lava monster
and every other game they could come up with
it was heaven
and the cookies were delicious
i know because brinks said so
and i made them from scratch
that is, i scratched them right out of the pre-made packaging
and even frosted them myself
because i'm a cool aunt like that
and they are worth it!
thanks for coming over kids - come back soon!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

today's worst mom award...
goes to me

i thought i'd be "cool mom" today and take atticus to the pool instead of making him nap
i was pretty cool until i smeared "tear free" sunblock in his eyes
which burned and tortured him for an hour
so much for tear free
we washed
we rinsed
we cried our eyes out
then we watched movies and ate smarties until everything was better
poor kid

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

three months old


so i'm pushing this little guy through the miracle mile shops the other day when i sense someone walking beside me. out of the corner of my eye it seems like they are videoing beckett in his stroller. i thought i was mistaken until i realize i am surrounded by five or six people, all walking beside me, checking him out. i stopped to figure out what in the world was happening and we had a full paparazzi moment. these people were from another country and apparently beckett was the most exciting tourist attraction in the city. they all goochy gooed him for like five minutes and took a million pictures of him. obviously, i think my little guy is darling but this was a little much. i had to take a look around for ashton kutcher thinking i was being punked. especially when this 20-ish year old punk rocker kid pulled out his iphone to take pics of beckett. then they thanked me for letting them look at him. it was the weirdest moment. maybe i should have charged money alla naked cowboy style.


beckett is such a happy and peaceful baby. and he's such an easy baby! i'm sure that those early days of sleeplessness and craziness with atticus were partly due to my cluelessness as a mom but i also think that beckett's just a less high maintenance baby than atticus was. good eater, good sleeper, good everythinger except carseat rider. hates the carseat. gets that from big brother.
however, i can't get enough of his smiles and giggles.


he's starting to roll to his side. he loves reaching for his toys and gets real excited when he's able to hit his mobile with his hand. i love love love when he reaches out to touch my face when i'm near him. he pretty much just holds my heart in his little hand.


i love you sweet boy
thank you for the three magical months
here's to an eternity of magic!

Monday, May 17, 2010

at the risk of waking the sleeping babe
i just had to take this picture

my champion sleeper is a little anti-sleep today
(please don't let this be early teething)
which means lots of snooze time in mama's arms
and i gotta say that despite the aching back, it's not so bad

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

because these moments
need to be remembered
my life is pretty simple right now
not really by choice
mostly because i moved to a new city,
where i know very few people,
where i live in an apartment with no furniture,
where i mostly just house hunt all day,
where house hunting is sort of on hold this week,
where i take care of my two boys,
where i only put on make-up if the occassion requires,
where the occassion rarely requires,
where i share a car with my husband
where on days that i'm too lazy to get up early to take him to work
i'm home all day with not much to do...
but i'm not complaining
it's kind of nice to just enjoy the everyday moments
because they pass too quickly
like this sweet little trickle of spit up...
i'm kidding about the "sweet" part
and this pile of laundry
clean yet unfolded
and how i truely believed that my hatred for folding clean laundry
would stay behind in boston
and that vegas would awaken in me a deep and abiding love
for speedy and efficient laundry foldage
and how i was wrong about that
and loving, loving, LOVING having the time to do this several times a day
because his smiles are priceless
and how i totally made this picture black and white to try to hide my aged, make-up-less face
and how i totally and completely got 100% snookered by a door to door magazine sales-chick today
because she flattered me by saying my kids were the cutest in all the whole world
and how i don't look like i could possibly have given birth only two months ago
and how i look far too young to be married for almost eight years
and how i bought a mag subscription in response to her very effective flattery
and now yoga journal will show up at my house every month for the next two years
if i ever have a house to live in, that is
and how even though darek made fun of me for fully getting snookered
i'm secretly looking forward to getting my monthly yoga magazine
and like to pretend it will make me do more yoga
so that i can look less aged
(to be pronounced in two syllables "ag-ed")
((and how i just googled the word "syllables" to make sure i spelled it correctly))
and how atticus ended this day with no less than
a burn on his finger from helping me make a quesadilla
a scrap on each knee from tripping while running in the park
and a sore elbow from a really big funny bone bonk
and how i ended this day
with no less than seven ghirardelli chocolate squares
in fact, probably a lot more than seven
but i throw away the wrappers as i go
to eliminate the evidence
and ease the accountability
and how someday (but not today) it will be funny
that two nights ago we woke up with a hole in the blow up mattress
and that tonight will be our third night of sleeping on the floor
and how this is mostly what atticus does on days we are stranded at home
and how i've just decided not to feel guilty about it

and how i also had to decide not to feel guilty when i let atticus play with water on the patio
even though vegas is in an eternal drought
and we're not supposed to waste water
and how they only let you put grass in 25% of your backyard
to save water
and how we'll probably break that rule when we buy a house
because having a great yard is partly why we moved here

and how we went to the park to feed the ducks this evening
and it was just one of those magical evenings
that you love being a mom
with young kids
even though your young kid
is constantly trying to jump into the sick, nasty pond
which he did in fact do last week
but you go back anyway
and just hope that this time
he won't
but you had him wear his gross shoes from last week
just in case he does

and how you just assumed that your baby would fall right to sleep
while being pushed through the park in the stroller
but he totally didn't
so you had to walk back to the car
and get your ergo carrier
so that you could keep enjoying your walk through the park
which was fine
because it's fun to snuggle the little guy
and kiss his fuzzy head
when he's in the carrier

and how the sunset was so breath-taking during your walk
that you were so mad you had put your camera back in the car
when you went back to get your ergo
and how you didn't get to take a picture of the sunset
but since you didn't have your camera
you were forced to just live in the moment
and enjoy the beauty while it lasted
i hope your day was filled with moments that need to be remembered

Monday, May 10, 2010

mother's day
was lovely
i hope it was great for all of you as well
may your children be angels
and your husbands be generous

a few mommy moments of late:
yesterday we found the fingernail clippers in the toilet
we've been bungee cording atticus' door shut to encourage staying in bed
(fyi - works like a charm)
i've scrubbed the kitchen floor twice in the last 24 hours - not because i'm a diligent housekeeper
but because atticus keeps squeezing dish soap all over the floor
i wept through the children's primary program yesterday - and atticus wasn't even in it
i also attended no other church meetings yesterday because i was in nursery helping atticus be happy
my normally champion sleeper beckett was up at 3, 5, and 6 this morning
(his tummy doesn't like my mother's day chocolate)
i sang dora the explorer songs in my head all night long
i took two bites of my apple this morning before atticus confiscated it as his own
several times a day atticus recounts to me the story of when his thumb got bit by an ant last week
atticus just came in the room yelling, "mom! wet!" and had me take off his wet clothes (from playing in the sink) but ran away when i told him was also going to change his wet diaper
the whole bathroom is also wet, including the towels
so. much. laundry.
it was real hard to get happy pictures of both boys - which is all i wanted for mother's day


nothing brings me more happiness then being a wife and a mother
thank you husband for making me feel beautiful
thank you children for blessing my life with joy
i love you three boys!
and happy mother's day to my mother too
who is very much the kind of mom i'm trying to be!
i love you!

Friday, May 07, 2010

ten weeks old
i'm not sure why we say we want to "eat" cute babies
but i could gobble up this little guy for breakfast, lunch and dinner
he just brings out the goochie goo voice in me
the joker smile


the serious face
reminiscent of big brother

a less-than-successful tummy time moment

the head lifting exertion

sweet beckett
you are a peaceful little soul
a roley poley snuggler
and a joy to have in our family
we love you
Rx: chocolate
i had my first real live "i lost atticus and may not find him" moment today.
it was less of a "moment" and more like ten minutes of torture, running through the maze of our apartment buildings screaming his name. i'm still not even sure how it happened. he is so quick but i'm usually right on top of him, keeping him close by because i know he's a sly little sneak. he must have totally houdini-ed past me as i unlocked the door because when i turned around he was gone and after i ran through the complex forever i ran back into our apartment and he was just chillin in my bathroom. i totally grabbed him and hugged him and was crying like a mad woman and he for sure thought he was in trouble (probably because he was fiddling with my makeup in my bathroom and would have normally been in trouble for that) because he started crying and couldn't figure out why i was freaking out. so anyway - i don't know if he was in the apartment the whole time or went in while i was running around but it was awful! i never want to feel that again. i really might invest in one of those child locator dodads. save me the heartache! so now we're eating brownies to assuage our tortured souls. i'm off the dairies though for the sake of the mini's belly and a brownie really isn't a brownie without milk. nevertheless, atticus can have all he wants. the kid can do no wrong today. i didn't even flinch when in the 2.2 seconds i was out of the kitchen he squeezed dish soap onto the floor and got all soapy and slippery in it. whatever kid, as long as you're safe and sound in my house, soap it up!
deep breath...

i took him to an indoor playspace a few days ago with all the big bounce house type things. he was in heaven. this kid just needs space to run and play and be crazy and he's a happy camper, which makes us all happy campers. the poor kid has just been suffering through house hunting all week. in one of the houses he figured out how to unlock the backdoor and was out there and practically into the koi pond grabbing at the fish before i could get to him. do you see why i don't want a house with a pool? these kinds of fears keep me up at night! anyway...he just put himself down for a nap. i am loving this new thing of his when he's tired he grabs his blankie and heads to his new toddler bed. "mom, sleep..."
sounds good to me!!!

Monday, May 03, 2010

this is kind of how life has been lately
note to self: never assume that "atticus playing quietly in his room"
means anything less than "atticus making a huge mess while trying to escape discovery."
this huge mess consisted of crumbled eye shadow all over bed, self, clothing, wall, door.
thank goodness we finally have hot water
and bubble bath atticus prefers to eat by the spoonful

yeah, things have been a little crazy
last week i thought i'd do a little blog complaining about my wicked bad allergies caused by a few days of "high winds" in this here desert, but then i enjoyed a little visit from the mastitis fairy and that little puppy blew those high winds right out of the water. a little trip to the ER later i was feeling real grateful for the modern medicine that brought a happy ending a two days of torture. and to be honest, as i sat in the ER and looked around me i felt really grateful that it was only mastitis that had me there - felt real sad for the people whose ailments inflicted more permanent pain and more serious interventions than mine. not to mention the tender mercy that the triage nurse was a mom and has also been brought to some very deep depths of misery by mastitis and bumped me up in line so i could get help and get home to nurse the babe. and even with that little help i was still there for almost four hours! not that fun, but real happy to be feeling better!
in much happier news - we had more visitors!
julia was in town friday morning so we met up for breakfast
and got caught up on the last 6 or so years since we've seen each other
it was great!
- and -
the dovers were passing through town on their way to CA
and stayed the night saturday night
and we chatted until the wee hours
like we were 21 and could handle an all-nighter
which isn't the case, but was still real fun to pretend
though i've said it before, i shall say it again...
this, my friends, is why we moved here
close to family
close to friends
let the good times roll!
and please come visit! you are all invited!
thanks for visiting friends, you totally and completely made my week
maybe my whole month!!
because let's be honest
it's been a tiring month!
house hunting: the hunt continues
we found a perfect house with an impossible yard
then another perfect house with another impossible yard
then an almost perfect house with a just not-quite-right feel but a cute yard
then a sweet house with a perfect upstairs and a perfect yard (sooo hard to find!)
but with a less-than-great-and-we-don't-want-to-compromise downstairs
then an if-we-were-retiring-we'd-want-this-sweet-house house
with an incredible yard!
a whole lot of other junk!
so the search continues
which is real fun
and real not fun
especially for the boys
they seem to hate the in and out of the car a hundred times while trying to imagine
this house with that paint which needs new carpet or maybe tile
and no more dog hair all over
that kind of stuff
but we have faith, the perfect house awaits us and i will find it!
even if it drives my realtor crazy! poor lady...
we finally bought atticus a toddler bed (instead of a toddler blow up mattress)
and lo and behold, we've got a sleeper on our hands
not perfect, but better and better is better than terrible
he's still wild and crazy and into everything and so bored in our empty apartment
and jumped in the nasty, dirty, filthy pond today while feeding ducks.
but he's much less grumpy while creating all this havoc as he's finally sleeping better.
in fact - yesterday he picked up his blanket, walk to his room, laid down on his bed
and slept for 3 1/2 hours. no prompting necessary.
thank you atticus, i needed that.
beckett = still an angel
pictures coming soon - poor second child,
never photographed as much as the first
but loved just as much!
loves to all of you!
hopefully i'll be in more personal touch soon
but for now, these sad little updates will have to do!