Tuesday, April 27, 2010

since we left boston
life has been CAH-RAY-ZEE
and pretty stressful
and clearly we've had very little time for blogging
and we're living in an apartment with ZERO furniture
which will be the case until we hopefully buy a house soon and have our stuff shipped from boston
things are great!
we're loving it here!
how can we not with the incredible weather,
wide roads, palm trees and family and friends in the area?
we were able to stay at our friends' house for the first week we were here while they were out of town so it was real easy and super great to just wake up every morning and play house as if we were already settled and happy. however, homelessness reality set in by the end of that week and we luckily we found a place to live just at the last minute.
then we spent less than 36 hours in utah celebrating garlan and amanda's beautiful wedding. it was so fun to see both our families although it was such a QUICK and stressful trip with car drama and crying babies and atticus' inability to manage his new found freedom from the crib - no matter how tired he is he can't keep himself in bed long enough to fall asleep. he just keeps getting up and naps are basically impossible. any suggestions for keeping a toddler in bed? his sleeplessness keeps him about one breath away from a meltdown at all times.
and - they haven't turned on our gas at our apartment yet (coming today, sometime between 8AM and midnight! ridiculous, right???) so it's been COLD water only...which you'd assume meant cold showers only...but nope, we've been showering in our swimming suits on the pool deck of our apartment complex in the dark of the night. can you believe it? nothin like a little white trashiness to spice up your life.
beckett for the most part is taking the chaos like a champ. still sleeping well and is a pretty happy little guy. he was blessed while we were in utah which was a magical and precious experience. he is such a sweet little soul.
darek started his new job yesterday. we've had such a crazy couple of weeks that we almost forgot that we moved here for a job. it's just felt like vacation until now. we've also been house hunting which is pretty fun but a little slow going. i think we've narrowed down the area that we want to live in, i'll keep you posted of any developments.


Julia said...

hope you find a place soon. until then, enjoy your bare room. That looks like heaven to me-clean and empty.

Margaret said...

Thanks for the updates. We miss you!!! Good luck house hunting!

Mama Thompson said...

Wow...sorry that things have been that crazy...hopefully things settle in soon:) About the out of the crib thing...wish I could help...just takes time. Don't tell my former DCFS coworkers...but we resorted to putting a child safety knob on the inside of Dallin's room so at least he couldn't come out. It got better...with time. Best of luck:)