Wednesday, April 14, 2010

moving day
we made it to vegas last night after a long crazy day of packing, traveling and leaving things behind. we got up early to get the last details ready before the movers came to load up the apartment. once they got there thing just became a blurry fog of packing tape and moving chaos. the morning was so hectic that suddenly i just found myself with an empty apartment and a waiting taxi. no time for any kind of special goodbye ritual so i just took a few quiet moments in the empty nursery to feel grateful for the time we'd spent there and the process of becoming a family in that little apartment. it was a tender moment and i had to bolt before the tear ducts realized what was happening.
we filled every last inch of the shuttle with our four suitcases, one duffle bag, one garment bag, 1-2-3 backpacks, one carseat, one toddler, one infant, one snap and go stroller, one BOB stroller, one darek and one amberli. of course that was only after i double checked with darek that the BOB was indeed buried somewhere in all that luggage, for i had a sneaking suspicion that our non-english speaking driver didn't understand me when i asked if the BOB had made it into the shuttle. needless to say, i panicked a touch when darek told me that he had forgotten BOB in the back staircase, in the apartment, the locked apartment, the one we no longer had keys to. EEK! now as we all know, BOB is like unto a boyfriend to me so clearly i was not going to leave boston without him. had that occurred i very well could have misinterpreted this event as a sign that we were not supposed to leave boston afterall. the miracle of this story is that the hidden keys that were never there when we needed them were actually there when we needed them. BOB was rescued and we were on our way. disaster #1 averted.

flight #1 went well. babe and dad were snoozin and toddler and mom were playing.

a quick plane change in atlanta left us just enough time to nurse the baby, buy some food and board the plane without atticus' favorite blankie. ok, losing BOB would have broken my heart, but losing Att's favorite blankie...can't even imagine the implications. miracle #2 - i realized the blanket was missing just before the plane pulled away and convinced the delta workers to open the door and let me run back into the airport to find the blankie. disaster #2 averted - AMEN!!

finally we arrived. tired. exhausted. but so happy! but alas darek left his blackberry on the plane...disaster #3 NOT averted! so sad...but honestly i was so glad we made it after a long day that i feel lucky that was our only casualty...don't tell darek. and we're hoping an honest person found it and turned it in. slim chance, but might as well hope.

so for now, we're just hoping our luck continues and we'll find a home, a car, another car and a life in the next six days before heading to utah for G's wedding. wish us luck!
and before we left we tried to see as many friends as we could to say goodbye - sorry we missed some of you, we hope our paths cross in the near future. thanks to these ladies for our little send off. it was perfect!

i tried to set up playdates for atticus too, to see his little besties before moving away. didn't get pics of all of them, but here are some. such good little friends, they'll all be missed.

that's it for now!
you're welcome to come visit anytime!
after we find some place to live, of course.


laura said...

Good luck on the new adventure! I am glad to hear that you made it safe. We will miss you!

Dani said...

I lost my phone on a plane, thought it was gone forever, only to have someone find it a couple of days later, call my Dad and they sent it to the airport for me to pick it up after we got back!! There is hope.

Josh, Liz and Hallie said...

I am so happy for you guys!! I can't wait to hear all about it. I will give you some time to settle in though. I can't believe how big little man is. Love ya tons!!

Bonnie said...

So sorry for your disasters! Moving is SO crazy. We're going to miss you guys. Keep us updated on your new adventures. :)