Sunday, April 04, 2010

~*~ happy ~*~ easter ~*~
we have had such a lovely day. easter is especially great when it lands on general conference weekend. it seems to make both events even more meaningful. we attended a yummy easter brunch this morning with friends in the neighborhood then spent the afternoon watching conference, doing easter egg hunts, eating more yummy food, playing in the backyard, etc. atticus ran around the yard yelling "egg? egg?" as if he expected the eggs to yell back, "i'm over here!" he was in chocolate heaven all day!
the boys wore their easter getups to church last week but i had them wear their likely bowties again today to the brunch because i kind of die over them. i didn't have much success getting atticus to look at the camera, mostly because he couldn't tear his eyes away from the TV.
and this is what happened when i asked him to look at the camera and smile...
not sure what kind of smile that is

as is quite clear in this photo,
both boys were beyond thrilled to take easter pictures together

beckett did a great job sitting still for his picture
since that is basically all his knows how to do

and the following three pictures illustrate what took place
after i instructed atticus to put his arm around his brother
the reach

the grab

the time to intervene

we also had an easter egg hunt in the park with friends after brunch, i haven't downloaded those pictures yet - however darek took this one, i think it's the first one with me with both of my baby boys. too bad beckett's hiding out.

we hope that you had a wonderful easter sunday and enjoyed time with family and friends.
may we all remember the life, death and most importantly resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the joy He brings to our lives.
happy easter


Gramma Dani said...

Two of the cutest boys on earth - and I LOVE the bowties! Looks like your weather is awesome - can't say the same for here in SLC.

An Ordinary Mom said...

Aww! It is so fun to see you with your two little boys! You are a fabulous mother :) !!