Tuesday, April 27, 2010

since we left boston
life has been CAH-RAY-ZEE
and pretty stressful
and clearly we've had very little time for blogging
and we're living in an apartment with ZERO furniture
which will be the case until we hopefully buy a house soon and have our stuff shipped from boston
things are great!
we're loving it here!
how can we not with the incredible weather,
wide roads, palm trees and family and friends in the area?
we were able to stay at our friends' house for the first week we were here while they were out of town so it was real easy and super great to just wake up every morning and play house as if we were already settled and happy. however, homelessness reality set in by the end of that week and we luckily we found a place to live just at the last minute.
then we spent less than 36 hours in utah celebrating garlan and amanda's beautiful wedding. it was so fun to see both our families although it was such a QUICK and stressful trip with car drama and crying babies and atticus' inability to manage his new found freedom from the crib - no matter how tired he is he can't keep himself in bed long enough to fall asleep. he just keeps getting up and naps are basically impossible. any suggestions for keeping a toddler in bed? his sleeplessness keeps him about one breath away from a meltdown at all times.
and - they haven't turned on our gas at our apartment yet (coming today, sometime between 8AM and midnight! ridiculous, right???) so it's been COLD water only...which you'd assume meant cold showers only...but nope, we've been showering in our swimming suits on the pool deck of our apartment complex in the dark of the night. can you believe it? nothin like a little white trashiness to spice up your life.
beckett for the most part is taking the chaos like a champ. still sleeping well and is a pretty happy little guy. he was blessed while we were in utah which was a magical and precious experience. he is such a sweet little soul.
darek started his new job yesterday. we've had such a crazy couple of weeks that we almost forgot that we moved here for a job. it's just felt like vacation until now. we've also been house hunting which is pretty fun but a little slow going. i think we've narrowed down the area that we want to live in, i'll keep you posted of any developments.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

please allow me to introduce
the newest member of the mccoy family
we are now a family of six
sienna la blanca
yep - we made the plunge. isn't she a beauty? let me tell you a little secret
about how my life is already easier with this little number driving us from place to place.
this is it folks - i'm fully embracing suburbian motherhood.
and the best is yet to come!
plus - in equally exciting news - we had our first visitors today! my sister and niece were "in the area" (namely, mesquite for her hub's work) and came down for the day! how about them apples, eh? let me tell you folks, this is why we moved across the country - family! it was fabulous and wonderful and made me so happy and maybe i haven't stopped smiling about it! plus they brought us real live, honest to goodness salt water taffy. we're not talking about the icky goo thrown out of parades - we're talking authentic, yummy, delicious, sticks-to-att's-fingers-and-makes-a-mess taffy! mmm!
hmm...still homeless
hopefully happier news on that front to come!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

moving day
we made it to vegas last night after a long crazy day of packing, traveling and leaving things behind. we got up early to get the last details ready before the movers came to load up the apartment. once they got there thing just became a blurry fog of packing tape and moving chaos. the morning was so hectic that suddenly i just found myself with an empty apartment and a waiting taxi. no time for any kind of special goodbye ritual so i just took a few quiet moments in the empty nursery to feel grateful for the time we'd spent there and the process of becoming a family in that little apartment. it was a tender moment and i had to bolt before the tear ducts realized what was happening.
we filled every last inch of the shuttle with our four suitcases, one duffle bag, one garment bag, 1-2-3 backpacks, one carseat, one toddler, one infant, one snap and go stroller, one BOB stroller, one darek and one amberli. of course that was only after i double checked with darek that the BOB was indeed buried somewhere in all that luggage, for i had a sneaking suspicion that our non-english speaking driver didn't understand me when i asked if the BOB had made it into the shuttle. needless to say, i panicked a touch when darek told me that he had forgotten BOB in the back staircase, in the apartment, the locked apartment, the one we no longer had keys to. EEK! now as we all know, BOB is like unto a boyfriend to me so clearly i was not going to leave boston without him. had that occurred i very well could have misinterpreted this event as a sign that we were not supposed to leave boston afterall. the miracle of this story is that the hidden keys that were never there when we needed them were actually there when we needed them. BOB was rescued and we were on our way. disaster #1 averted.

flight #1 went well. babe and dad were snoozin and toddler and mom were playing.

a quick plane change in atlanta left us just enough time to nurse the baby, buy some food and board the plane without atticus' favorite blankie. ok, losing BOB would have broken my heart, but losing Att's favorite blankie...can't even imagine the implications. miracle #2 - i realized the blanket was missing just before the plane pulled away and convinced the delta workers to open the door and let me run back into the airport to find the blankie. disaster #2 averted - AMEN!!

finally we arrived. tired. exhausted. but so happy! but alas darek left his blackberry on the plane...disaster #3 NOT averted! so sad...but honestly i was so glad we made it after a long day that i feel lucky that was our only casualty...don't tell darek. and we're hoping an honest person found it and turned it in. slim chance, but might as well hope.

so for now, we're just hoping our luck continues and we'll find a home, a car, another car and a life in the next six days before heading to utah for G's wedding. wish us luck!
and before we left we tried to see as many friends as we could to say goodbye - sorry we missed some of you, we hope our paths cross in the near future. thanks to these ladies for our little send off. it was perfect!

i tried to set up playdates for atticus too, to see his little besties before moving away. didn't get pics of all of them, but here are some. such good little friends, they'll all be missed.

that's it for now!
you're welcome to come visit anytime!
after we find some place to live, of course.

Monday, April 12, 2010

my dearest boston,

well my friend, we’ve had a good run. sadly, now we must part ways. i’ve seen a lot of friends come and go in our time here and now it’s my turn to say goodbye. i’ve loved you more than i ever would have guessed. you’re beautiful and lovely and charming and quaint. you’ve supported me through my ups and downs and i’m leaving you a better person than you found me five years ago. i’m a different person now, maybe even a touch Bostonian, minus the accent…and the red sox obsession…but i have watched fireworks from the esplanade and measured the distance run in smoots across the mass ave bridge and obtained my coral colored gurgling cod. i’ve been a cambridge DINK and a JP Mom and have loved every minute of it.

i’ve said all my goodbyes to all my friends and favorite places and now it’s time to say goodbye to you. thanks for the love boston, you won't be forgotten.

until we meet again
central square, cambrigde
stony brook, JP

Sunday, April 11, 2010

the giggly smiley phase has begun
oh i'm so in love
beckett at 7 weeks


sporting his new jeans outfit from g'ma and g'pa mccoy
looks like he's ready to head to the rodeo!

and i love this confused expression
no doubt in response to my ridiculous efforts to get him to smile
thanks for the giggles little man

Thursday, April 08, 2010

things are so busy around here!

we're having a crazy week trying to pack and get all set to head out next tuesday. it's tough to bounce between the two boys while trying to get things organized, cleaned and packed but slowly but surely it'ss coming along. we're also taking time to enjoy a few of our favorites around here before we have to say goodbye so we met up with some neighborhood friends at the park, played in the backyard with our neighbor upstairs, had dinner at border cafe in harvard square and went for a run along the esplanade, through the public gardens and the common. of all my favorites around here, running along the river might be #1! so sad that my love affair with charles will be coming to an end after these five wonderful years...any good rivers in vegas? i'll post more when i have time...back to packing!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

so what's your take on mini vans?

with our pending move away from the city
i fear it's time to fully embrace the suburbian lifestyle with the purchase of a mini van.
i'm a little hesitant to make this move but alas i think the reality of
affordable, practicle transportation demands it.
any suggestions?


Sunday, April 04, 2010

~*~ happy ~*~ easter ~*~
we have had such a lovely day. easter is especially great when it lands on general conference weekend. it seems to make both events even more meaningful. we attended a yummy easter brunch this morning with friends in the neighborhood then spent the afternoon watching conference, doing easter egg hunts, eating more yummy food, playing in the backyard, etc. atticus ran around the yard yelling "egg? egg?" as if he expected the eggs to yell back, "i'm over here!" he was in chocolate heaven all day!
the boys wore their easter getups to church last week but i had them wear their likely bowties again today to the brunch because i kind of die over them. i didn't have much success getting atticus to look at the camera, mostly because he couldn't tear his eyes away from the TV.
and this is what happened when i asked him to look at the camera and smile...
not sure what kind of smile that is

as is quite clear in this photo,
both boys were beyond thrilled to take easter pictures together

beckett did a great job sitting still for his picture
since that is basically all his knows how to do

and the following three pictures illustrate what took place
after i instructed atticus to put his arm around his brother
the reach

the grab

the time to intervene

we also had an easter egg hunt in the park with friends after brunch, i haven't downloaded those pictures yet - however darek took this one, i think it's the first one with me with both of my baby boys. too bad beckett's hiding out.

we hope that you had a wonderful easter sunday and enjoyed time with family and friends.
may we all remember the life, death and most importantly resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the joy He brings to our lives.
happy easter