Monday, March 22, 2010

new rituals
we've developed a few new rituals around these parts since becoming a four member family
allow me to share for your enjoyment
waking up sunday morning and thinking to myself ,"i'll go to church next sunday..."
waking up the next sunday morning and thinking to myself, "i'll go to church next sunday..."
pick up beckett
put beckett down to pick up atticus
put atticus down to pick up beckett
put beckett down to pick up atticus
you get the picture
let atticus do something potentially messy to keep him occupied during critical
need-to-take-care-of-beckett moments
regret letting atticus do something potentially messy
a few interpretations of "potentially messy" include:
help cook, help do dishes, help clean, play in the muddy backyard,
color/paint/draw, playdough, etc.
results of "potentially messy:"
a shattered blender,
a drenched floor,
several eaten crayons,
pencil on the wall,
a bag of lentils dumped on the ground...etc.
forgetting things
then forgetting everything else
then forgetting anything i haven't already forgotten
including the fact that i had to host a church meeting at my house last night, darek wasn't home to help with bedtime, i forgot about the meeting, didn't get the boys to bed in time...heard the doorbell ring, had no idea who was at my, wasn't properly dressed for answering the door, atticus ended up staying up two hours late, mayhem ensues.
luckily my house was clean.
thank goodness for small miracles.
generally beckett goes to sleep easily,
but i'd say that at least once in a 24 hour period i:
swaddle beckett
enter bathroom - with the lights off
turn on water
sit on toilet - with the seat DOWN
rock beckett
sing to beckett
wait for beckett to fall alseep
feel so guilty about wasting water
turn off water
turn on bathroom fan
wake up beckett
start again
take a nice long restful nap
HA, HA! just kidding!
oh wait, i mean DON'T shower
much to my dismay
tell atticus to stop doing this
than tell atticus to stop doing that
poor atticus
eat healthy for a few days...
then live on chocolate for a few days...
tell atticus "no TV"
tell atticus "no TV" again
give in
tell atticus "no fruit snacks"
tell atticus "no fruit snacks" again
give in
wake up with a to-do list
nothing gets down
go to bed with the same to-do list
nurse beckett
burp beckett
empty contents of beckett's stomach onto
the chair, the pillow, the floor, the couch,
me, my clothes, my hair, anything else within a 5 foot radius
we have something of a spit up problem going on here...reflux meds have made no difference
do five loads of laundry
do five more loads of laundry
have nothing clean in the house
read your e-mail
don't have time to respond
get your voicemail
don't have time to respond
but thanks for the messages :)
clean up
clean up again
clean up again
love beckett
love atticus
love being a mommy


Amy D. said...

Remember how I say the first year of Ethan's life is a you know why. It is kind of like birth, you forget...until you read things like this. Thinking of blessed mommy.

Bronwyn James said...

Oh my word, I'm so close to living your last post, I admit it's a little scary. I'm glad to have this reality check though. I guess I could be pregnant for a couple more weeks. You're the best and cutest mom I know! You guys are doing great!

Allison said...

Traditions and routine are good for kids and strengthen family bonds, right?

Crazy Lady said...

awesomely written. seriously. those are gold.

you don't live by family, ditch the no tv and no fruit snacks rule...refuse to feel guilty about it. we do what we got to do when babies are little.

MaryClaire said...

i love that...especially that you're documenting it. i have told several people that the first 6 mo. of natalie's life are just a blur. like when you're 3 and you think you have memories of things, but really it's just the pictures that jog memories...anything that wasn't photographed during that 6 mo. period is completely lost from all memory. good thing i took a lot of pictures. it's awesome and hard and EXHAUSTING and it awaits me oh so soon again.

An Ordinary Mom said...

This is so true. All of it. I can relate to all of it. Know you are not alone ... and not the only mom who lets her kids watch too much TV while they eat fruit snacks and while you eat too much chocolate and refrain from crying at times :) !! You are more than one remarkable mother! And kudos to you for blogging. I am WAY, WAY behind on that front.

We are praying for you!


Gramma Dani said...

Classic post!!! I do remember those days, but I don't think I handled them as well as you do. Hang in there... :-)

Megan said...

OH my goodness I'm sorry about the projectile vomit! Elijah was the exact same way (actually he still spits up quite a bit). We used A LOT of old towels, burp clothes never cut it, and I'd burp him while sitting on the bathtub at night, so he'd puke into that and not allover everything. Your boys are so lucky to have such a great mom!

maryirene said...

wow. so true. i wish you the best. it gets easier, and hard in different ways. i love the way you share it.

Terese said...

I laughed, then wanted to cry! The joys of motherhood!! You totally summed it up. I am still working on my to-do list since January!!

Circuit Fam said...

you crack my ass up girl.....I love to read something so close to what I am living. (only with three boys instead of two) but life is good and they grow too fast. (Well that is what people tell me anyway) I respond to one post a night, time restraints (I need my three consecutive hours of sleep before the babe wakes up) and you are the lucky lady because you just made my night. xoxo stace

Julia said...

Love it all. This is why the first year goes by so quickly.

PS. If you don't want to waste water anymore, how about electricity? I have found that a portable fan works wonders as a noise maker.

Sarah said...

Good luck! You are a wonderful mother. Will was the same way with spit up and meds didn't help. It was a mess. Nothing helped until I went off dairy. It was miserable for me, but much better for the little guy. It might be worth a try. We miss you guys.

james and andrea said...

Amberli, you are SUCH an entertaining writer! Your blog is just fun to vege in front of and read the hilarious things you write. Thank you for that! Your babies are so dang cute!