Thursday, March 11, 2010

it's a homemade guacamole and hint of lime chips day

i'm not exactly sure what that means entirely other than to say that it's raining outside and i've got a lot going on in my heart today. i'm afraid that i'm currently too sleep deprived to create anything along the lines of an articulate post at this point so please forgive in advance anything you're about to read. or better yet, just stop reading now...

hmmm...actually i think i may take my own advice and just keep this short. i've recently been made aware of some significant trials and challenges going on in the lives of people i love and in an instant my own spit up covered sleep deprivation seems so insignificant. it's hard to not feel guilty for blessings received when you see the suffering of others. does that happen to you? such a reality check. so today i'm just counting my blessings in gratitude and sending up prayers of faith on behalf of those who are struggling.

and i must admit that when i recieved the following youtube video from likely and read this on likely's blog i felt extra tender and sentimental. maybe even wanted to shed a little tear or two. i just miss that time of life that was so innocent and easy and carefree - childhood, high school, college. remember that? summers in provo, avonlea, skyview 3, when wiping out on my long board and cracking my wrist was my biggest problem. i hope this brings back some good 80's childhood memories for you...


Likely said...

hey girlfriend. I sent you that video in your email. I sent it to both of you. that's okay. I am so glad you loved it as much as I did. My brother showed it to me. I have watched it so many times now. Max loves it as much as me. My three favorite parts:

the handstand guy - OF COURSE
the girl skating with a skirt on
and the best -- the kids at the beginning showing off all of their scrapes and scratches.

I miss you friend.

Crazy Lady said...

cheer up charlie. don't get too boogled down.

the trick is we are to make it as carefree and fun for our kids too.

An Ordinary Mom said...

It is always hard when your heart aches for those you love dearly. Hope all is OK ... anything we can do to help?

Can't wait to meet the new addition to our family! Heading out this direction any time soon?