Tuesday, March 09, 2010

happy birthday darek
my handsome husband celebrated his third 29th birthday yesterday, which means he's finally caught up with me at the ripe old age of 31 years. we had a little cake and ice cream celebration with the coxes, pretty low key since we're home with a newborn. nevertheless, it was wonderful and i must say that the funfetti and rainbow chip frosted cake never disappoints!

did you know that i met darek when he was a young lad of only 18 years? i took him snowboarding at the canyons for his 19th birthday and brought brownies to his dorm that night. so BYU, right? so great. when i arrived at his dorm i found that a girl in our spanish class had also brought him treats, she had a little crush. haha chickadee, i won him over in the end! we've celebrated many a birthday together since then and life with darek just keeps getting better and better. i love you husband. i hope you had a great birthday!


Likely said...

okay, that is such a precious picture. he is HOLDING the baby and blowing out the candles. IT couldn't be more perfect. Such a telling moment. HE is growing up!

I smiled thinking about "you and Darek" in Liberty Square. I still remember the first time you kissed him and come home and told us all about it.

Likely said...

came home. woops.

Darren, Tisha, Tanner & ? said...

Hey dude! Hope you got my text on Monday. Hope you had a great birthday. The little man is really cute.

Terese said...

Happy b-day Darrek!! I always love a good ole' BYU story. Mmm funfetti.

Keleigh, Cecilia and Family said...

i remember that sweet package he sent you from his mission. :) you were SOOOOO excited!