Tuesday, March 09, 2010

first bath
beckett graduated from the daily sponge bath
to the big boy sink bath this week
atticus was more than happy to help out
i think beckett had some reservations about that
but he survived
should i be worried about darek's psychotic expression here as he's caring for our kids?


The Polson Family said...

Seriously one of the cutest babies I've ever seen. Nice work!!!!

Rachel said...

So, so cute! Really a beautiful baby. GLad you're doing so well.

Bonnie said...

so fun! and so cute. I love the psycho look on Darek's face.. haha. Owen's cord stump fell off the other night and Patrick said "guess we can't return him now that the tags are off." I thought it was pretty clever for 3am. I'm not yet brave enough for our first real bath. Still sponging as needed... thanks for posting an update on your new lovie!

Julia said...

Looks like that sink was made for bathing babes! Nice, big plump little man. You've got some great milk!

Darek and Amberli said...

best part is after Amber took the picture she says to herself (all proud of the great shot she got), "Oh good." and then looks at the preview and notices my awesome facial expression, "DAREK!"

She's exactly like her mom like that...when Dana was taking all our wedding announcement pictures I kept making crazy faces and each time Dana would be all happy until she looked at it closely, "Oh Darek!" Such funny traits in my wife and mother in-law! You're both so photo artsy fartsy!