Thursday, March 04, 2010

~ enjoying these moments ~

hooray for march showing up, right? anticipating beckett's arrival made the worst winter months pass quickly which is a very happy thing for me. march tends to be a long, cold month around these parts but at least there's hope for spring showing up some day in the not too distant future. in the meantime we are enjoying every second of beckett's mininess. i remember the early days of atticus' newborness as being wonderful but also a blurry haze of all nighters without sleep, pacing the apartment, rocking the i-can't-sleep-if-you're-not-rocking-me baby. happily beckett nurses pretty regularly every 3 hours and sleeps where ever we put him. i love the snuggle and snooze on me time and i love the sleep in the pack-n-play so i can sleep too time. ~
please excuse my hagardness in this picture. just comes with the territory.
this whole process is so much easier this time around. and remember how i went on total lock down for several weeks after atticus was born? well, this time we've been getting out and about much more and it's been really nice. today beckett and i went to the mommy and me class at the gym. i thought it was some kind of gentle postpartum yoga class but no, it's a full cardio and lifting class. so needless to say, it's a little early for that so the instructor had me do everything really low impact. i admit, i looked like a nerd, but it felt good to at least pretend to exercise. and beckett was the most popular little dude there, everyone oohing and aahing over the two week old. made his mama proud!
and i'm even happier to inform you all that atticus was pro-mom today! woo hoo! we played and played and he was very insistent that i stick close by. we even took a little one-on-one outing to target so that he could run around destroying the store and i could chase him around un-destroying the store. that was probably more of a work out than my sweet low-impact business.
atticus asked darek to swaddle him up like his little brother - real cute.
and so far, atticus is still a beckett fan. phew...
and to all my girlfriends headed to las vegas this weekend for a girls trip - have so much fun and know that only a newborn's cuteness could keep me away from living it up in sin city with you!
i can't wait to hear all about it!


Terese said...

So cute! Congrats again. I love that shot of you with him asleep on your chest. So sweet. You guys look like pro swaddlers. i could never get mine tight and tucked like that. Hilarious on Atticus! We have to have you guys oer in a few weeks to meet the little guy! Noah has been under the weather so we'll hold off till we're germ free.Way to get out there and do stuff! It can be triccky, but you seem to be getting the hang of it:)

Leah said...

He's so a very manly way!

Rachel said...

Sweet, sweet pictures!

Darek and Amberli said...

D: Thanks Leah. And Beckett is pretty beautiful too!