Monday, March 29, 2010

boston mccoys ==> vegas mccoys

well peeps, the time has come. after five years of living in and loving boston we're headed out of here. we've wanted to move closer to family for a while now and suddenly, almost out of the clear blue sky, we've been given the opportunity - so we're outtie! darek was offered a position as an elvis impersonator in viva las vegas, so sin city here we come! (i'm kidding! he got a real job. true: that i heart elvis. false: that i'm married to an elvis impersonator!) the interview and job offer process went really quickly and today he put in two weeks notice which means we are on our two week count down to leaving new england. my heart is so torn as i really love it here but alas warm weather and affordable housing call. we felt a little worried about getting all the details taken care of in two short weeks but within 24 hours of accepting the job offer we've been able to sell our car and our apartment contract as well as start making arrangments for flights and shipping our stuff out west - so things are coming together and we are feeling like it's all meant to be. only a short 23 minutes hence the lovely bosnian woman who bought our car took the keys out of my hands, got in my car and drove away never to be seen again. i maybe wanted to shed a tear or two as i saw my beloved rodeo drive away and admit that i resisted running to get my video camera and filming the ordeal through the window blinds. it was a sad moment...those are bound to come as we say goodbye to everyone and all that we love here in boston but on a day like today - when i wake up to rainy, cold, grey skies i feel pretty good about this whole sitch. i've never been much of a desert girl but let me tell you how five winters in boston have been plenty to make a desert girl out of me! we'll keep you posted!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

made a new bestie last weekend when kamilah made a little spontaneous visit to boston! it was love at first sight for him. not only did she win over his little heart by bringing donut holes, nutrigrain bars and OJ for breakfast but she also read to him from his sharks and trains books after which she pushed him in his stroller in the we-thought-it-was-warm-enough-to-take-a-walk-but-it-totally-wasn't weather. he was quite twitterpatted. thanks for the lovely visit, kdub!
and despite this picture he's been a happy little camper of late - quite smitten with his little brother (except for when he wants me to hold him, not beckett, which is all too often.) the other day beckett was crying in his crib and before i could get to him atticus had brought over his favorite blankie with which to comfort the wee lad. after a few seconds he decided that was a touch too generous and withdrew his favorite blankie only to return with his second favorite blankie as well as the pacifier to help out his brother. such sweet acts of brotherly kindness.

he also got a really terrible haircut (according to me) last week from darek...but to be fair it was to fix the really terrible haircut (accordning to darek) that i had given him the week before...

he's also recently figured out how to climb out of his crib. when he wakes up in the morning or from his nap he climbs out, plays in his room for a while then patiently (or impatiently depending on how long it take me) knocks on his door calling "mama?" until i come let him out. luckily it hasn't happened in the middle of the night yet but i do not doubt that it will be soon. i suppose it's time for a big boy bed for my big boy.
and he has begun to take his watercolor painting quite seriously

he loves checking on his brother in his little pack-n-play which currently resides in the kitchen. he asks to hold him and wants to touch his feet and kiss his head. makes my heart melt everytime. and he always says, "bless you!" when the baby (or anyone for that matter, including himself) sneezes. even if he has to yell it from the other room.
a couple mornings ago i was rocking beckett when i gave atticus his breakfast and atticus picked up a handful of scrambled eggs, cuddled them to his cheek and rocked them saying, "so cute!" which actually comes out "so toot!" i think that's my favorite atticus-ism this week. he's such a character!

and this little guy was five weeks old yesterday and is just as dreamy as they come!

Monday, March 22, 2010

new rituals
we've developed a few new rituals around these parts since becoming a four member family
allow me to share for your enjoyment
waking up sunday morning and thinking to myself ,"i'll go to church next sunday..."
waking up the next sunday morning and thinking to myself, "i'll go to church next sunday..."
pick up beckett
put beckett down to pick up atticus
put atticus down to pick up beckett
put beckett down to pick up atticus
you get the picture
let atticus do something potentially messy to keep him occupied during critical
need-to-take-care-of-beckett moments
regret letting atticus do something potentially messy
a few interpretations of "potentially messy" include:
help cook, help do dishes, help clean, play in the muddy backyard,
color/paint/draw, playdough, etc.
results of "potentially messy:"
a shattered blender,
a drenched floor,
several eaten crayons,
pencil on the wall,
a bag of lentils dumped on the ground...etc.
forgetting things
then forgetting everything else
then forgetting anything i haven't already forgotten
including the fact that i had to host a church meeting at my house last night, darek wasn't home to help with bedtime, i forgot about the meeting, didn't get the boys to bed in time...heard the doorbell ring, had no idea who was at my, wasn't properly dressed for answering the door, atticus ended up staying up two hours late, mayhem ensues.
luckily my house was clean.
thank goodness for small miracles.
generally beckett goes to sleep easily,
but i'd say that at least once in a 24 hour period i:
swaddle beckett
enter bathroom - with the lights off
turn on water
sit on toilet - with the seat DOWN
rock beckett
sing to beckett
wait for beckett to fall alseep
feel so guilty about wasting water
turn off water
turn on bathroom fan
wake up beckett
start again
take a nice long restful nap
HA, HA! just kidding!
oh wait, i mean DON'T shower
much to my dismay
tell atticus to stop doing this
than tell atticus to stop doing that
poor atticus
eat healthy for a few days...
then live on chocolate for a few days...
tell atticus "no TV"
tell atticus "no TV" again
give in
tell atticus "no fruit snacks"
tell atticus "no fruit snacks" again
give in
wake up with a to-do list
nothing gets down
go to bed with the same to-do list
nurse beckett
burp beckett
empty contents of beckett's stomach onto
the chair, the pillow, the floor, the couch,
me, my clothes, my hair, anything else within a 5 foot radius
we have something of a spit up problem going on here...reflux meds have made no difference
do five loads of laundry
do five more loads of laundry
have nothing clean in the house
read your e-mail
don't have time to respond
get your voicemail
don't have time to respond
but thanks for the messages :)
clean up
clean up again
clean up again
love beckett
love atticus
love being a mommy

Friday, March 19, 2010

four weeks in


i can't believe my sweet little beckett is four weeks old today! at his one month check up he weighed in at a whopping 11 lbs. 8 oz. and measured 22 1/4 inches long. BIG! and so happy and snuggly and darling. it's bittersweet that they grow so fast but it's also nice to be four weeks in to the whole recovery/adjustment phase. there's a chance he's having some reflux problems but otherwise we have had a really good month.

so darek went back to work on monday. i'm happy to say that this week actually went really well. i was able to get out with both boys each day for an outing and felt so proud of myself for braving the two boy outings. thanks to my handy dandy ergo it was easy to get out and enjoy the incredible spring weather. and for the most part atticus has continued to do really well with the adjustment. i did get my first "no baby" response this morning however when i was playing with atticus and told him i had to go feed the baby. i suppose that's to be expected. thanks for all your love and support. i promise that someday when my life isn't fully consumed with babe-ness i'll blog about something else. until then...ta.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

these boys of mine
please note that the onsie beckett is wearing at 3 WEEKS old
is the same one atticus wore in his 3 MONTH portraits...
but since my two year old is wearing 4T clothing i guess i can just safely say it runs in the family.
darek and i have just been sitting here quoting atticus while he's been napping. he is seriously such a character.
i love this age, he's so hilarious, says the funniest things and is just all over the place.
happily, he is still being really great with beckett - he loves his baby!
he's showing you his "cook" (the cookie on his shirt)
this super darling shirt came from the LA mccoys at christmas time - yes, 4T and fits great.
never fear, i'll soon post a pick of the beastie boys newborn gown they sent for beckett - thanks guys for keeping my So Cal roots alive!

PS - the shirt is a cookie saying "i love you" to a carton of milk.

love it!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

it's a homemade guacamole and hint of lime chips day

i'm not exactly sure what that means entirely other than to say that it's raining outside and i've got a lot going on in my heart today. i'm afraid that i'm currently too sleep deprived to create anything along the lines of an articulate post at this point so please forgive in advance anything you're about to read. or better yet, just stop reading now...

hmmm...actually i think i may take my own advice and just keep this short. i've recently been made aware of some significant trials and challenges going on in the lives of people i love and in an instant my own spit up covered sleep deprivation seems so insignificant. it's hard to not feel guilty for blessings received when you see the suffering of others. does that happen to you? such a reality check. so today i'm just counting my blessings in gratitude and sending up prayers of faith on behalf of those who are struggling.

and i must admit that when i recieved the following youtube video from likely and read this on likely's blog i felt extra tender and sentimental. maybe even wanted to shed a little tear or two. i just miss that time of life that was so innocent and easy and carefree - childhood, high school, college. remember that? summers in provo, avonlea, skyview 3, when wiping out on my long board and cracking my wrist was my biggest problem. i hope this brings back some good 80's childhood memories for you...

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

happy birthday darek
my handsome husband celebrated his third 29th birthday yesterday, which means he's finally caught up with me at the ripe old age of 31 years. we had a little cake and ice cream celebration with the coxes, pretty low key since we're home with a newborn. nevertheless, it was wonderful and i must say that the funfetti and rainbow chip frosted cake never disappoints!

did you know that i met darek when he was a young lad of only 18 years? i took him snowboarding at the canyons for his 19th birthday and brought brownies to his dorm that night. so BYU, right? so great. when i arrived at his dorm i found that a girl in our spanish class had also brought him treats, she had a little crush. haha chickadee, i won him over in the end! we've celebrated many a birthday together since then and life with darek just keeps getting better and better. i love you husband. i hope you had a great birthday!
first bath
beckett graduated from the daily sponge bath
to the big boy sink bath this week
atticus was more than happy to help out
i think beckett had some reservations about that
but he survived
should i be worried about darek's psychotic expression here as he's caring for our kids?

Thursday, March 04, 2010

~ enjoying these moments ~

hooray for march showing up, right? anticipating beckett's arrival made the worst winter months pass quickly which is a very happy thing for me. march tends to be a long, cold month around these parts but at least there's hope for spring showing up some day in the not too distant future. in the meantime we are enjoying every second of beckett's mininess. i remember the early days of atticus' newborness as being wonderful but also a blurry haze of all nighters without sleep, pacing the apartment, rocking the i-can't-sleep-if-you're-not-rocking-me baby. happily beckett nurses pretty regularly every 3 hours and sleeps where ever we put him. i love the snuggle and snooze on me time and i love the sleep in the pack-n-play so i can sleep too time. ~
please excuse my hagardness in this picture. just comes with the territory.
this whole process is so much easier this time around. and remember how i went on total lock down for several weeks after atticus was born? well, this time we've been getting out and about much more and it's been really nice. today beckett and i went to the mommy and me class at the gym. i thought it was some kind of gentle postpartum yoga class but no, it's a full cardio and lifting class. so needless to say, it's a little early for that so the instructor had me do everything really low impact. i admit, i looked like a nerd, but it felt good to at least pretend to exercise. and beckett was the most popular little dude there, everyone oohing and aahing over the two week old. made his mama proud!
and i'm even happier to inform you all that atticus was pro-mom today! woo hoo! we played and played and he was very insistent that i stick close by. we even took a little one-on-one outing to target so that he could run around destroying the store and i could chase him around un-destroying the store. that was probably more of a work out than my sweet low-impact business.
atticus asked darek to swaddle him up like his little brother - real cute.
and so far, atticus is still a beckett fan. phew...
and to all my girlfriends headed to las vegas this weekend for a girls trip - have so much fun and know that only a newborn's cuteness could keep me away from living it up in sin city with you!
i can't wait to hear all about it!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

guess who ISN'T missing his mama these days?
lucky kid eating chocolate
so i had a few moments this afternoon when the little babe was sleeping and i had a break. i wondered to myself what i should do and decided to join atticus and darek in atticus' room to play with him for a while, since our play time has been drastically shortened lately. i walk into the room for all of 2.2 seconds only to have atticus rush over, put his hands on my legs and push me out of the room backwards saying, "no, no, no." and don't worry, he didn't stop at just pushing me back into the living room, he kept on pushing me all the way into my room. apparently i was disturbing boy bonding time and he wasn't having it. atticus is in heaven having darek home from work while on paternity leave. i shudder to think how things will go when he returns to work in another week and a half.
i hope atticus decides i'm fun again...