Friday, February 26, 2010

time is flying as it always does when kids grow so quickly
i'm enjoying every minute of his tininess while it lasts
because it's going fast and he's changing everyday
the little guy graduated into size 1 diapers today
to celebrate his one week birthday
good job little guy
the first week has gone surprisingly well. the first couple nights were tiring but now he's consistently eating every three hours so i'm getting sleep in about 2 hour stretches, which honestly might be better than how i was sleeping the last while of my pregnancy. last night i even got to go to the gym - don't be impressed, i was on the elliptical for like a minute and then in the sauna and heavenly hot shower the rest of the time. it felt so nice. today i saw my chiropractor and tomorrow i'm headed to yoga if my aches and pains are up for it so i can happily say i'm on the mend! darek is still home for another two weeks of paternity leave so that's pretty great.
so for now we're hanging in there! woo hoo!
we love you sweet beckett
we already can't picture our family without you


Mama Thompson said...

He is just so precious...glad you are getting some Amberli time and hurray for paternity leave:) Keep these cute pics coming!

Darren, Tisha, Tanner & ? said...

So cute! Tanner was like 4 months old when we went into size way to grow big man!!

Trisha said...

I LOVED all of these pictures. Beckett is absolutely precious. I just want to squeeze him.

allegra said...

oh my gosh you had your baby!! he is sooo cute. I lOVE his cute little chubby cheeks, he's so perfect. congratulations!

allegra said...

p.s. i love the name!