Thursday, February 18, 2010

"it hurts when you hit me in the head"
i had to tell that to atticus twice today - and it's not even noon yet
the first time i got hit in the head with a book
then i got hit in the head with my eyeliner
we're learning about soft touches around here
i hope he picks up on the concept before the birth of his baby brother
everytime we talk about "the baby"
i think atticus thinks we're talking about him
he rocks himself in the baby swing
and says, "baby, baby, baby!"
oh boy
i'm 39 weeks tomorrow and was dialated to a one at my appointment yesterday.
atticus was born at 38 weeks so this is the most pregnant i've ever been.
i had contractions during the i'm keeping my fingers crossed.
i know i can't complain - i've had a great pregnancy and i still have a week until my due date
but at this rate i'm not sure my body is going to stay put together for another week
so we're still hoping it's soon - like this weekend, or this week
or today...


Crazy Lady said...

My vote is the 23rd...

good luck, hope all goes well. can't wait to see him.

so is it beckett?

Bronwyn James said...

Oh my goodness, so soon! Good luck! You'll do great, and I can't wait to see this new little boy.