Wednesday, February 10, 2010

i feel like i have so much to blog about...

because i've been doing so much lately. but in reality about 100% of the things i've been doing lately may possibly be interesting to about 0% of you. you know, things like lots of laundry and cleaning and ordering baby stuff (that's kind of fun...) and disinfecting my house and growing larger and reading baby books (to refreshen my memory, of course) and doc appointments (not dialated at all as of two weeks ago, even with the previous six weeks worth of contractions - sheesh!) and endlessly searching baby names online to no avail and lots of playdates (which has been fun, gotta get them in while we can) and all the fun aching and heart burning and non-sleeping of the final weeks of pregnancy. i really can't complain though - despite the loosened joints and rotound belly because overall i'm having a great pregnancy and am excited for no-name's arrival.
so i suppose this will turn into a random tidbit post...
i had dinner with a high school friend who will remain un-named at this time for fear he'd prefer not having a staring role on my blog - but i must say it was FUN! and i chatted his ear off. came to boston with two ears...left with one...won't be returning anytime soon.
we finally saw avatar - 3d, IMAX, bought tickets weeks in advance - sort of the makings of a sci-fi nerd but it was good. (although for the record, i'm happily not a member of the sci-fi fan club.) and loooong. just ask JH as she slept through half the fighting scene, but since the fighting scene was half of the 2:40 long movie, she didn't miss much. incidentally our IMAX seats were equipped with vibration so every loud bang shook me up. i thought i'd go into labor. no such luck. .

i also played the role of third wheel on a date with the coxes last weekend to see dear john. i think i loved it. and i'm for that it was better than the book. darek was happy to miss that chikity flickity but i think he'll secretly like it when i get around to forcing him to watch it.
we're supposed to be getting buried by 12-15 inches of snow right now. so far we've gotten a touch of drizzle. these are the times i'm grateful for lying weather reporters. my heart goes out to all my fellow east coasters down south though that are truely getting buried, although i gotta admit i don't feel too bad since boston usually gets the worst of it and i think we deserve a break.
i decided upon and ordered THIS diaper bag for all my upcoming diaper bagging needs. looks a little busy but isn't so much in real live life, only fake internet life.
i activated my 24 visits for $24 pass to healthworks last night. all i can say is HEAVEN! this is for sure the four seasons of all women's gyms. it's so pretty. and sparkly. and clean. and non-smelly. with a huge whirl pool spa and steam rooms and saunas and fancy showers equipped with fancy shampoos and conditioners and soaps, etc. etc. towels. lotions. oh yeah and all the workout equipment with individual TV screens and pilates/yoga/cardio/spinning/kickboxing studios. i wish i could live there. i think i lost ten lbs. just walking through the door.
hmmm, perhaps that will conclude my ramblings for now as my babe awakens from his nap and beckons. i hope you are all well and happy and thinking of baby names to send my way...


Bronwyn James said...

Your life sounds a lot like mine, minus the movies-with-friends-working-out-in-fancy-gyms part. Mostly just playing with my toddler waiting for baby #2 to make his appearance. The days are great though. I'm so happy with the life of a mom.

Can't wait to hear that Baby McCoy #2 has arrived safely and see his cute little face! (We struggled so much with names for this second one too. I feel your pain there.) Best of luck! Love you!

An Ordinary Mom said...

Lots going on for sure! We can't wait to hear about our new little nephew. Wish we were seeing you in Utah this weekend!

And I loved my Little Dudes and Divas diaper bag, though I had a different bag than that one.

Laura Ek said...

Hi Amberli! Couple things- glad you are not buried in snow! Also, I thought avatar was just ok too, not a Sci-fi girl either. And, I have the same diaper bag, same print but different style bag. i have the Be-All. I love the durability of it, so good choice! Did you know the makers of Ju-ju-be are Mormon and live in San Clemente?! Anyway, good luck your new baby boy- 2 boys is super fun!!

Me said...

Totally have that diaper bag too! You will never need a new one! I love it! And I love your blog. You are so cute! I'll be praying for some labor for you! :-)