Tuesday, February 02, 2010

groupon deal
24 visits to healthworks for $24!!
have you heard of groupon? a friend of mine sent me a link to sign up. they send daily deals to your e-mail and some of the deals are serious steals! today's is 24 visits to healthworks which is a fantastic all women's gym with really great classes. the 24 visits need to be used before April 19. i bought it even though i'll be having a baby sometime before then and will be out of commission for a few weeks because it's such a screamin deal and i couldn't pass it up for the weeks that i would be able to go!
here's a link if you're interested:
happy exercising!

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Rachel Peden said...

Got this AMAZING deal. WOW. I was part of the grand opening team that opened up the Chestnut Hill location. I am responsible for Let's Play! the childcare center there.

Very excited to use my passes.

Thanks for posting the link!