Wednesday, February 03, 2010

do you recognize this cute family?

i've always known that K. Wangchung had some serious crafting, creating, decorating, organizing, party-planning, baking/cooking skills but until last weekend i was oblivious to her mad skills of illustration! look at that detail - the sonic's shirt, the flip flops, the boys' mohawks and me sans baby weight - i like it!

some of my girlie friends took me to dinner last weekend to celebrate the pending arrival of beckett/kingston/still un-named baby boy. it was so great to hang out with them and chat and enjoy the remaining time that i have when it's still really easy to take this baby out with me, since that changes quickly post-birth. these sweet ladies all generously pitched in also to my "ergo fund" so when little man arrives hopefully it won't be too tough to still take him along on our social outings. thanks ladies, for everything! it was really great!
and for the purposes of documentation - the 36 weeks belly last weekend



Kate Wangsgard said...

Thanks for the glowing praise. I'm glad you like it. Can't wait to see The Brother of Atticus in his little Ergo.

Hawks said...

I feel your pain! Eat what you want!!

Leah said...

How fun! You look great mamma.

Likely said...

you are looking great berli! I think I like Beckett :) Beckett McCoy sounds rad.