Monday, February 22, 2010

the big brother
{sorry for the blurry images, just had to catch the moment}
well well, here we are 24 hours home from the hospital and i can say that at least so far i'm relieved by atticus' reaction. he asked the hold the babe last night and was extra soft and gentle just like we practiced. he runs around saying, "baby! baby!" and makes sure i'm always aware of where the baby is. again, i realize things will be challenging but i'm just enjoying this one day at a time.
pointing to his brother to make sure i see him
and what's cuter than a toddler kiss to his newborn brother?
so i'm not going to lie - the first newborn night was rough. just basically tag teamed with darek all night to keep the babe happy. however, the first full day at home was great. although atticus pulled a fast one on us and got up extra early this morning he more than made up for it by taking a TWO hour nap this morning (hasn't morning napped for months) in a addition to his normal THREE hour nap this afternoon. during both naps the little babe slept as well which gave us some great "first newborn night" recovery time so at this current moment we're all happy and surviving - again just taking it a day at a time. plus the little babe took an additional long nap while atticus was up so we had lots of good one-on-one time. it was great. *sigh*
and just a confession because people have been wondering how i've had time to blog...two words: Sitz Bath! embarrassing to admit, yes. but admit, i shall, nonetheless. all you non-parents are thinking to yourself, "what's a Sitz bath?" well, i'll let you discover that joy for yourself when the time comes. i remember thinking the Sitz bath was kind of a pain when i was recovering from atticus but this time it seriously feels like a day spa. "hey darek, you take the kids. i've got to take a Sitz bath." that's how it goes...
thanks for all the well wishes, calls, e-mails and such. i'll try to get caught up with you soon!


anna said...


Congratulations!! How did I miss the first announcement? My reader must have messed that up. I am so happy for you guys - he is so cute. Good luck recovering and adjusting to two - you will do great.


Crazy Lady said...

its that the best looking newborn i
ve ever seen? seriously he is handsome.

Mama Thompson said...

Congratulations! I'm glad that Atticus is doing so well with a new "baby" in the house. Love you all...


What great news!!! I have been thinking about you lately and wondering if the "Babe" was here yet?? So glad everything went well! You are an AMAZING momma! I can just tell, even though I don't really know you. I do love to read your blog and catch the creative updates, and plus you give me good ideas of things to do here in Boston. :) Enjoy them so much they grow up so so fast!!!

Jamie said...

I am so nervous about having two kids too... I can't imagine giving up my 1:1 time with Kensie, it's so much fun... congrats, we're so happy for you guys... hope everything continues to go as smoothly :-)

Gramma Dani said...

Such precious moments with the two little guys! Treasure them... :-)