Thursday, January 14, 2010

so this is how the deal went down
first i
diced up a carton of deliciously perfect plum tomatoes
then i added a spring of chopped basil leaves
also a tablespoon of blasamic vinegar
and another of extra virgin olive oil
after which
i sprinkled with finely, minced garlic
and also
a dusting of fresh ground pepper
don't forget
a touch of salt
at that point i
thanked my bread machine for the freshly baked french bread
which i cut into thick slices
and laid upon a baking sheet
at which point i
sprayed them with pam
and covered them with fresh parmesan
(note: if you use the yucky sprinkle-from-a-can-kind
you might as well just shave your tastebuds from your tongue now)
and broiled
on low
for just a bit
lastly i
topped the delicious bread
with the delicious bruschetta
(pronounced "broo-skay-tah" FYI)
this is the moment at which
heaven was introduced to my mouth
heaven was a touch garlicky
so i
brushed my teeth
then brushed them again
for an extended period of time
then gargled with hydrogen peroxide
(this whitens teeth, just another FYI)
then gargled with ACT
then gargled again with hydrogen peroxide
just to be sure
brushed again
for an extended period of time
heaven was restored
you should try yourself a bit of heaven as well!


Likely said...

sprayed the pan or the bread with PAM? If you sprayed the bread with Pam, I don't know how you can be picky with the cheese my friend!

Rememeber when Port would pour You can't Believe it's not Butter on everything? HA HA!!!!

Crazy Lady said...

Ahhh....can you make that for me?

That sounds amazing! oh my goodness.

i need some teeth whitening too...hmmm, do i dare? HP huh?

Keleigh, Cecilia and Family said...

instead of brushing and scrubbing to rid yourself of the garlic, eat a piece of chocolate, yes chocolate. the darker the better rid of bad breath. what a treat. TVB

familia Bybaran said...

Oh that sounds amazing! But to show you how warped my mind is, the only thought I had was: ooh tomatoes...I can't eat that or I will get really bad heartburn. It may be heaven in the mouth, but hell in the esophagus would surely follow. Maybe in a few months, I can enjoy tomatoes again.