Tuesday, January 05, 2010

so my two year old yawned the other day
and i noticed two new molars!
what? how did i miss that? does this make me a bad mom? teething used to be such an ordeal but these two just slipped right in, totally unnoticed. what a pleasant surprise!
so we're kind of back to our normal routine around here. all traces of christmas have been packed away for next year and darek is back to work as usual. i actually found myself thinking, "ah, now that the holidays are over spring is just around the corner!" how delusional can i possibly be? this is, in all reality, only the very beginning of winter. i suppose i'll just have to do my best to make january fly by, by busying myself preparing for the second babe to arrive next month. do any of you have any advice for me going from one to two kids? and people keep asking what we'll name the little whipper snapper - for now we are just planning on The Brother of Atticus, as it worked out so nicely for Mahonri Moriancumer.
in other useless news, this little number joined our family last week. he's been snowed on a few times since then but remains proudly in our backyard. for all the torture and heartache the cold brings to me, at least it provides entertainment for atticus as we are currently stuck at home without a car in the 23 degree weather. the kid loves the snow.
i've started reading THIS for book club this month
and i have a sneaking suspicion that i'm really going to love it. we'll see...



Keleigh, Cecilia and Family said...

our snowman lasted less than 12 hours, but it was just as stoic as yours is there.
and i am liking the "brother of atticus" go with it. it will look great on the birth certificate.

Trisha said...

Advice for two kids: try to get lots of sleep! Good luck with that!