Monday, January 04, 2010

since christmas
we've been busy
building train tracks and block cities
atticus couldn't be happier with his trains. isn't christmas with a two year old the best? he had zero expectations and was so easy to please. we had such a great christmas morning home as a little family, opening presents and hanging out.

and lifting weights of course

atticus and i got really used to having darek home for a full two weeks. i gotta say that it was heavenly. at this moment atticus is looking out the window calling, "dad? dad?" he can't figure out why darek isn't home to play with this morning. it's a sad tale to tell a two year old that dad is back to work and it's only mama today.

the three muskateers on our way to a new year's party
and since the new year began:
i've printed off a january two thousand NINE calendar - oops!
walked through target baffled as to why it's full of swimming suits and summer clothes - until i realized that smart people plan a warm, tropical vacation for this time of year...not us...
and been so so happy that atticus finally LOVES going to nursery. isn't church so much better when that's the case? and speaking of church, ours was translated from spanish to english to sign language yesterday. just gotta love that about boston.
as for new year's resolutions - i'm still refining mine but i'm excited.
and i'm hoping to have more suucess than this:

i borrowed this from marci's nutrition blog
check HERE to see what she says about setting new year's resolutions
i hope that you are all enjoying the new year!


Keleigh, Cecilia and Family said...

trains have taken over one of our kids rooms. they are so much fun *until you step on one*
cute pics!

Jhordan said...

whoa Att has real big kid hair now! when did that happen?!