Sunday, January 17, 2010

of late...
i'm sitting here asking myself why is it that even under extreme duress i'd never consider eating a raw egg but have absolutely no qualms whatsoever eating all the raw cookie dough and brownie batter i can get my hands on? not to mention that i would very likely swat your hand away if you tried to stop me.
i just stuck my hand into my oven mitt and discovered a magnetic letter "L" that atticus must have hidden in there for me to full of surprises. and love.
i finished reading The Devil in the White City. good. interesting. liked the history. creepy warned.

and started reading The Lost Symbol - masons, you intrigue me...

and am still reading Standing for Something. today's favorite quote (i could quote the whole book though - i'm loving everything that's said):

"There is plenty of humor in the world without resorting to dirty jokes or uncouth language." President Hinckley was always such a good example of that.

last night i walked in the living room to find atticus and darek cuddled on the couch watching football - and atticus was running his fingers through darek's hair. hilarious. and so precious.

this babe-in-my-belly is such a loooooow rider that i'm just not sure he's going to stay put for another six weeks. people can't believe i still have six weeks to go when they see this belly. every sunday i have 17 of these conversations:
someone: wow! you're still pregnant?
me: yep!
someone: you look like you should have delivered a week ago!
me: yep!
someone: how overdue are you?
me: um...i still have six weeks to go...
someone: SIX WEEKS!
blah, blah, blah, etc. etc. etc.
you can imagine the reactions i'm getting

even strangers on the street look startled and flinch when they see me like they're nervous they're going to be the one standing next to me and be forced to deliver my baby any second when i go into labor.
i waddle

that being said: i love this little life inside of me. he is hilarious and moves around like "two pigs, fightin' under a blanket" (name that movie and i'll be your best friend!) and keeps me company all day and all night long. can't wait to meet him!

~ and ~
i LOVE having a two year old i know, isn't that crazy? but atticus is so fun right now that i just can't get enough of him. and mom and dad - i'm suspecting that his super hyperness comes from me...and perhaps i should apologize for my childhood spaziness...but i'm getting my payback so no worries!
k, that's it for now!


Kate Wangsgard said...

There's not much that makes me smile more than finding little "treasures" Soren's hidden through out the day. We've figured out where his favorite hiding places are and always check there first when we're missing something. Oh toddlers.

PS: Steel Magnolias. I am from Mississippi after all.

Rachel said...

Steel Magnolias...and I knew that before I saw your other friend's comment. One of my FAVORITE movies and oh, so quotable.
Excited to see you on Wednesday!

cori said...

tell me what you think of the lost symbol...can't wait. but will have to a bit. i have NO time to read. its sad. i may have to get it on cd. i think that is the cutest thing of the day to find a little letter in the oven mitt. i just love that. sometimes when i do laundry...downstairs in the hamper, pulling out dirty clothes for the washer, i find little balls, or spiderman, or lego pieces. my boys were there, and that is a priceless memory for me. thanks for the post. i miss you.

Todd, Rach & Audrey said...

hey birdie bird. just wanted to say hi and that you look amazing and i'm so happy for you to be getting another little monster.... love ya, miss ya. rach

Gramma Dani said...

That "no, I still have six weeks to go" is like deja vu for me! When I was pregnant with you, I got the very same questions. I might have already told you this story, but I actually made a badge that I wore to church every week. It said, "No, I haven't had my baby yet - I still have 6 weeks to go." Every week I crossed out the 6 and wrote 5, then 4, etc... :-)