Wednesday, January 20, 2010

getting ready...
thank you LA mccoys for the darling owl
to my right...the living room
to my left...our bedroom
note my big belly in the mirror

and in the middle...a 22 inch wide closet

in other words...
this is where we plan to house the babe after he exits the womb
a closet
does that make me a bad mom?
aren't moms not supposed to put their kids in closets?
but never fear
there will be a craddle
and a mobile
and some miraculous something that will make it great
any suggestions?


Bonnie said...

hah! This is awesome. It could be really, really cute. I know I've seen some pictures of things like this that include a changing table and everything. I'll see if I can find it again and send it to you!

Crazy Lady said...

YOUR HOUSE IS SOOO CLEAN. I'm totally jealous.

don't worry, my friend had her baby in their bathroom....its like whatever. we just might not volunteer that information when they are older ;)

i'm glad you like the owl, i just loved it and thought it was the perfect snuggle size, except those feet might not last forever, they are just calling to get ripped off.

your belly is cute. i'm glad you are close, its worth the cute baby , don't worry.

Crazy Lady said...

oh yes and paint.

paint is the cheapest, most effective makeover in my opinion. something soothing

Julia said...

dont feel bad. Owen and Lily slept in my closet until they were about 8 months old.

Mama Thompson said...

I say hurray that you have a closet to put him in...! Paint for sure....and not much else in my opinion:)

Terese said...

I've heard many a good momma putting babies in closets. Your house looks sparkling clean. Oh I long for that!

Jared, Lindsey and Aven said...

that owl is dope!!! wow....i want one for Aven. :)

familia Bybaran said...

Both my babies slept in my closet for their first year. And I had clothes in there and sometimes they would pull them down. Lucia was a little sweatball so I had to deal with her stinking up my closet for several months. They loved it. You are a great mom--no matter where your baby sleeps.

Angela said...

Trey slept in his swing for 6 months. You are good!! Don't worry!!!