Wednesday, January 27, 2010


well folks, together you and i have arrived at my seven hundreth and seventy seventh post. that means you've endured quite a dose of amberli jibber jabber over the last few years. thanks for hanging in there with me. to honor my 777th post i'm going to do seven lists of seven things. i thought about doing seven hundred lists of seventy seven things then decided that we all have better things to do with our time.

seven projects i have going on right now

1* a clothing/hygiene supple collection to ship to haiti (let me know if you'd like to donate)

2* cleaning out my closets to find things to donate
3* making the 22 inch wide closet a habitable place for baby #2
4* trying to decide on a name for the baby (vote on my sidebar, and leave suggestions please!)
5* folding my laundry (this is a weekly problem - no prob washing, just hate folding)
6* researching double strollers and searching for the perfect diaper bag (again, suggestions welcome)
7* prepping to present at a health fair this weekend

seven things i hope to do/get done today
1* take a nap while atticus naps
2* get atticus to bed on time so i can go to bed early (i'm seeing a trend here...a little tired today)
3* make brownies for YW tonight
4* be on time to the YW activity tonight
5* have an afternoon playdate with friends for atticus
6* make a yummy dinner
7* read my scriptures/write in my journal

seven different kinds of lists i have right now (besides the seven on here...i'm a list person)
1* grocery list
2* to do list
3* to do before baby comes list
4* books i want to buy/read
5* people who want to donate to the haiti collection
6* baby items wish list
7* recipes to try

seven confessions
1* sometimes when i eat a treat i then eat some fruit to cancel it out
2* i feel real proud of myself when i use coupons
3* my phone is silenced probably 90% of the time (yeah, that's why you can't get a hold of me)
4* i let atticus watch yo gabba gabba a little longer today so that 1) he'd be tired enough to take an extra long nap, and 2) i could work on this post
5* i read way too much and won't confess what i'm reading currently (although bon bon knows)
6* atticus and i just finished mixing the brownies and i waited until he ran out of the room to lick the bowl. i'm not being selfish, i'm just making sure he doesn't eat any raw egg...which is apparently fine for me and the unborn child, but not him
7* i just discovered that i lied...this is actually my 778th post...oops!

seven things on my wish list

1* a super fancy lens for my camera

2* to live in a house in a warm place

3* a double BOB jogging stroller

4* the ju ju be packabe diaper bag
5* lots of books
6* a 365 day cruise around the world (dreaming...)
7* a week long yoga retreat (more dreaming...)

seven things i wonder

1* why is bill on curious george always so concerned about what's "proper?" he's such a know it all

2* and why are the trains on thomas & friends always so rude to each other?

3* who in the world is going to watch att when i go into labor? (these and other anxieties keep me up at night)
4* why does my oven cook brownies lopsided?
5* if we'll live in boston forever?
6* if anyone is still reading this post?
7* is it just me or does blogger torture everyone by messing up their spacing? i'm tired of trying to fix it...sorry for the messy spacing --> blogger + amberli = love/hate...
alrighty - thanks for reading along for the last few years. happy blogging!


erica said...

I still read you're blog. I'm pretty excited for your little one to show up. I think we are due about the same time, by the way. congrats! and I'd like a copy of all you're lists so I can use them in my life!

familia Bybaran said...

I love this post. You are hilarious. I love my Phil and Teds and I don't have a diaper bag. I wish I could make lists and use them, but it's hopeless for me. The moment I put it in writing, I forget about it. I wish I could help you with Atticus when you go into labor. Good luck! It's good to hear that you don't have a name picked out yet either. We still aren't even close. I would suggest that you have one before you go to the hospital though. We didn't name Lucia there and it was a nightmare afterwards.

Darren, Tisha, Tanner & ? said...

Scout journey bag by petunia pickle bottom=greatest diaper bag in the world. I love it. Kingston is SERIOUSLY one of the names we are considering. Love it. Love you guys!

Megan said...

I love my Reese Li Diaper Bag. You can find them at nordstroms online.

Angela said...

Cute Post!! We must be related.... I don't mind washing the laundry but also can't stand to fold it and put it away!! I'm done with it... I'm inventing disposable clothes! LOL!!

Bonnie said...

fun post. I DO know what you're reading and it made me laugh. Guilty pleasures. Can't wait to see you this weekend for a little CPK dinner- hope you make it that long :)

Rachel Peden said...

if you need someone to call when you go into labor -- i am a phone call away. seriously. i don't have a job and my baby is such an easy kid (i still wonder what i did to deserve her!). usually have a lot of free time on my hands.

but seriously i would have no problem watching him at the last minute if that helps ... even in the middle of the night.

let me know.

Keleigh, Cecilia and Family said...

i feel so bad messing everything up, being the 8th comment and all. i think after your boston stint, you should try texas. would definitely watch atticus anytime.

Gramma Dani said...

I read it all the way through and loved it - must admit my favorite thing on your wish list was a home in a warm place... :-)

Likely said...

Thomas the tank engine is dumb. ha ha. My kids don't even like it. You know what other cartoon I don't like? Calliou. He is so whiney. but they like that.

hooray for brownie batter.