Friday, January 29, 2010

"because God is not a wishing well"
there is a spiritual gift described in the scriptures -->
"to some it is given the working of miracles"
my friend likely has undertaken the working of a miracle this week
to help her friend's whose families are in desperate need. please read the blog post HERE.
she and her friends are using their fantastic crafting skills to make some very special valentine's day creations for her etsy shop. all the proceeds are going to help the families she describes in her post. the crafts are darling -
a poka dot bowtie for little boys,
felt clips for girls
and clothe covered bobby pins for me and you and the other cute women you know.
the ordering deadline is saturday night at midnight, so get cracking people!
order their creations
spread the word
and participate in the working of a miracle!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

of all your friends
i am by far the biggest elvis fan you know
this is a non-negotioable fact peeps
so no arguments please
therefore, i must thank pandora tonight
for introducing me to this
i'm sure we will be long time friends
disclaimer: it's the song i like, not the video exactly
i just watched video all the way through
and i'm NOT a fan of the babies with guns around them...
i don't think this is the best quality recording either
but we do what we can

your welcome...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


well folks, together you and i have arrived at my seven hundreth and seventy seventh post. that means you've endured quite a dose of amberli jibber jabber over the last few years. thanks for hanging in there with me. to honor my 777th post i'm going to do seven lists of seven things. i thought about doing seven hundred lists of seventy seven things then decided that we all have better things to do with our time.

seven projects i have going on right now

1* a clothing/hygiene supple collection to ship to haiti (let me know if you'd like to donate)

2* cleaning out my closets to find things to donate
3* making the 22 inch wide closet a habitable place for baby #2
4* trying to decide on a name for the baby (vote on my sidebar, and leave suggestions please!)
5* folding my laundry (this is a weekly problem - no prob washing, just hate folding)
6* researching double strollers and searching for the perfect diaper bag (again, suggestions welcome)
7* prepping to present at a health fair this weekend

seven things i hope to do/get done today
1* take a nap while atticus naps
2* get atticus to bed on time so i can go to bed early (i'm seeing a trend here...a little tired today)
3* make brownies for YW tonight
4* be on time to the YW activity tonight
5* have an afternoon playdate with friends for atticus
6* make a yummy dinner
7* read my scriptures/write in my journal

seven different kinds of lists i have right now (besides the seven on here...i'm a list person)
1* grocery list
2* to do list
3* to do before baby comes list
4* books i want to buy/read
5* people who want to donate to the haiti collection
6* baby items wish list
7* recipes to try

seven confessions
1* sometimes when i eat a treat i then eat some fruit to cancel it out
2* i feel real proud of myself when i use coupons
3* my phone is silenced probably 90% of the time (yeah, that's why you can't get a hold of me)
4* i let atticus watch yo gabba gabba a little longer today so that 1) he'd be tired enough to take an extra long nap, and 2) i could work on this post
5* i read way too much and won't confess what i'm reading currently (although bon bon knows)
6* atticus and i just finished mixing the brownies and i waited until he ran out of the room to lick the bowl. i'm not being selfish, i'm just making sure he doesn't eat any raw egg...which is apparently fine for me and the unborn child, but not him
7* i just discovered that i lied...this is actually my 778th post...oops!

seven things on my wish list

1* a super fancy lens for my camera

2* to live in a house in a warm place

3* a double BOB jogging stroller

4* the ju ju be packabe diaper bag
5* lots of books
6* a 365 day cruise around the world (dreaming...)
7* a week long yoga retreat (more dreaming...)

seven things i wonder

1* why is bill on curious george always so concerned about what's "proper?" he's such a know it all

2* and why are the trains on thomas & friends always so rude to each other?

3* who in the world is going to watch att when i go into labor? (these and other anxieties keep me up at night)
4* why does my oven cook brownies lopsided?
5* if we'll live in boston forever?
6* if anyone is still reading this post?
7* is it just me or does blogger torture everyone by messing up their spacing? i'm tired of trying to fix it...sorry for the messy spacing --> blogger + amberli = love/hate...
alrighty - thanks for reading along for the last few years. happy blogging!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

this is no joke
i said to darek today: "i think my belly is as big as a basket ball."
darek said back to me: "um, i think you're belly's bigger than a basketball."
you decide
i think he's right...
last thursday atticus and i went to a playgroup at the community center. a little less-than-two-year old there who lives and breaths for baskestballs followed me around the whole time poking my belly, rubbing it, pointing to it, babbling about it, just sure i was hiding his beloved basketball under there. hm, awkward.
then friday i took atticus to a playspace at a mall where a 3 or 4-ish year old girl stared at me with confusion on her face before finally asking, "excuse me, what's under your shirt?" the confused looked only worsened when i told her i had a baby under there...she really had to resist the urge to lift up my shirt and check my facts.
this is getting out of hand!

Friday, January 22, 2010

~ talking more and more ~
i love that atticus is learning new words everyday
and making me laugh with all his new sayings
lately when he wants his wet/messy daiper changed he points to it and says, "it broke!"
i love you little bug

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

getting ready...
thank you LA mccoys for the darling owl
to my right...the living room
to my left...our bedroom
note my big belly in the mirror

and in the middle...a 22 inch wide closet

in other words...
this is where we plan to house the babe after he exits the womb
a closet
does that make me a bad mom?
aren't moms not supposed to put their kids in closets?
but never fear
there will be a craddle
and a mobile
and some miraculous something that will make it great
any suggestions?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

of late...
i'm sitting here asking myself why is it that even under extreme duress i'd never consider eating a raw egg but have absolutely no qualms whatsoever eating all the raw cookie dough and brownie batter i can get my hands on? not to mention that i would very likely swat your hand away if you tried to stop me.
i just stuck my hand into my oven mitt and discovered a magnetic letter "L" that atticus must have hidden in there for me to full of surprises. and love.
i finished reading The Devil in the White City. good. interesting. liked the history. creepy warned.

and started reading The Lost Symbol - masons, you intrigue me...

and am still reading Standing for Something. today's favorite quote (i could quote the whole book though - i'm loving everything that's said):

"There is plenty of humor in the world without resorting to dirty jokes or uncouth language." President Hinckley was always such a good example of that.

last night i walked in the living room to find atticus and darek cuddled on the couch watching football - and atticus was running his fingers through darek's hair. hilarious. and so precious.

this babe-in-my-belly is such a loooooow rider that i'm just not sure he's going to stay put for another six weeks. people can't believe i still have six weeks to go when they see this belly. every sunday i have 17 of these conversations:
someone: wow! you're still pregnant?
me: yep!
someone: you look like you should have delivered a week ago!
me: yep!
someone: how overdue are you?
me: um...i still have six weeks to go...
someone: SIX WEEKS!
blah, blah, blah, etc. etc. etc.
you can imagine the reactions i'm getting

even strangers on the street look startled and flinch when they see me like they're nervous they're going to be the one standing next to me and be forced to deliver my baby any second when i go into labor.
i waddle

that being said: i love this little life inside of me. he is hilarious and moves around like "two pigs, fightin' under a blanket" (name that movie and i'll be your best friend!) and keeps me company all day and all night long. can't wait to meet him!

~ and ~
i LOVE having a two year old i know, isn't that crazy? but atticus is so fun right now that i just can't get enough of him. and mom and dad - i'm suspecting that his super hyperness comes from me...and perhaps i should apologize for my childhood spaziness...but i'm getting my payback so no worries!
k, that's it for now!
ask yourself...
what's your virtue?
i've seen these beauties floating around the blogging world for a while now and have been really wanting to try them out. it's no secret that i have a life long addiction to blistex (i'll save that story for another time) and therefore am constantly searching for something, anything, to relieve me of my addiction! well, i can't say i've given up the blistex entirely but i can say that i'm loving these glosses!
after reading about them on others' blogs i checked out the WHAT'S YOUR VIRTUE website and i gotta admit, i fell in love with their philosophy:
*taken from their site*
Our Story... In the beginning, there was a mother with teen and preteen daughters. While on a shopping trip three years ago, she was made keenly aware of what beauty products were available to purchase. She was shocked at the explicit and suggestive names found on numerous brands of lip gloss. She didn’t feel it was appropriate for her 13 year old daughter to put such messaging in her pocket, let alone on her lips. The mother went home with no lip gloss, but with a strong desire to make a difference. After collaborating with her friends, an idea was born to create a lip gloss that would support a positive message, not only for her girls but for women everywhere. Enter What’s Your Virtue?, a company founded by three friends who believe beauty starts from within. We want to remind all women of the simple and virtuous things in life. What better place to start than on your lips?

isn't that a lovely thought? choosing a virtue, carrying it around with you in your pocket all day, endowing your kisser with virtuous thoughts. i love it! and luckily a little elf heard i wanted to try these out and slipped some into my stocking. for weeks i've been carrying around the virtues of
curiosity, wisdom and simplicity.
i love them
they're not too sticky or waxy like chapstick or some glosses
(i love blistex because it's creamy smoothiness.
so very not sticky and waxy like most chapsticks/glosses)
i love the colors - i thought that maybe wisdom and curiosity would be too bright,
but they are perfect. just a tint of color.
and they all glitter a little
but not like "gem, truly outrageous!" glitter.
and the best part...
they stay on forever
i mean forever
obviously if i eat, or lick my lips
or some such anti-stay-on activity it comes off
but otherwise
my lips shine on
and on
love it!
i can't wait to try them all
so thank you! thank you! thank you! to the little What's Your Virtue elves that sent me some trial glosses - i love them all and will always be extra reminded to be curious, seek wisdom and live with simplicity as i enjoy my non-sticky, extra shiney, forever glossy lips!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

so this is how the deal went down
first i
diced up a carton of deliciously perfect plum tomatoes
then i added a spring of chopped basil leaves
also a tablespoon of blasamic vinegar
and another of extra virgin olive oil
after which
i sprinkled with finely, minced garlic
and also
a dusting of fresh ground pepper
don't forget
a touch of salt
at that point i
thanked my bread machine for the freshly baked french bread
which i cut into thick slices
and laid upon a baking sheet
at which point i
sprayed them with pam
and covered them with fresh parmesan
(note: if you use the yucky sprinkle-from-a-can-kind
you might as well just shave your tastebuds from your tongue now)
and broiled
on low
for just a bit
lastly i
topped the delicious bread
with the delicious bruschetta
(pronounced "broo-skay-tah" FYI)
this is the moment at which
heaven was introduced to my mouth
heaven was a touch garlicky
so i
brushed my teeth
then brushed them again
for an extended period of time
then gargled with hydrogen peroxide
(this whitens teeth, just another FYI)
then gargled with ACT
then gargled again with hydrogen peroxide
just to be sure
brushed again
for an extended period of time
heaven was restored
you should try yourself a bit of heaven as well!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

as part of one of my new year's resolutions
he talks about the good it would do our nation in healing our hearts and homes if we were all to re-embrace ten neglected virtues. the first chapter is about developing an all encompasing love for mankind and he quoted a poem by Edwim Markham that i loved and thought you would too.
"He drew a circle that shut me out-
Heretic, rebel, a thing to flout.
But Love and I had the wit to win:
We drew a circle that took him in!"
isn't that lovely?
i hope you are all feeling loved today!

Friday, January 08, 2010

dear baby boy,

note: although i'm 33 weeks today, this was taken at 32 weeks.
just imagine me 10 times larger as i'm growing exponeniently at this point
i can't wait to meet you! i didn't think a wigglier baby than atticus was ever possible but i believe you've taken the cake on this one my little fish. you and i seem to be two peas in a pod! who else enjoys tossing and turning all night long in a sad and fruitless effort to get comfortable? it was fun to hang out with you from 3 to 6 this early morn, sitting on the couch in an effort to keep my legs attached to my body while preventing you from digging out of my belly. no one told me that second pregnancies often cause such hip/joint/leg pain that it's easier to just give up and get out of bed and do some yoga while awaiting the sun to arise, but at least i had you there to keep me company. it's unclear to me how you get yourself into particular parts of my body that i'd think you'd never have access to but as long as your healthy and growing and plan in sticking it out in there another 5-7 weeks, i'm cool with it! i love you sweet boy! see you next month (later in the month, please, if we can help it!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

so my two year old yawned the other day
and i noticed two new molars!
what? how did i miss that? does this make me a bad mom? teething used to be such an ordeal but these two just slipped right in, totally unnoticed. what a pleasant surprise!
so we're kind of back to our normal routine around here. all traces of christmas have been packed away for next year and darek is back to work as usual. i actually found myself thinking, "ah, now that the holidays are over spring is just around the corner!" how delusional can i possibly be? this is, in all reality, only the very beginning of winter. i suppose i'll just have to do my best to make january fly by, by busying myself preparing for the second babe to arrive next month. do any of you have any advice for me going from one to two kids? and people keep asking what we'll name the little whipper snapper - for now we are just planning on The Brother of Atticus, as it worked out so nicely for Mahonri Moriancumer.
in other useless news, this little number joined our family last week. he's been snowed on a few times since then but remains proudly in our backyard. for all the torture and heartache the cold brings to me, at least it provides entertainment for atticus as we are currently stuck at home without a car in the 23 degree weather. the kid loves the snow.
i've started reading THIS for book club this month
and i have a sneaking suspicion that i'm really going to love it. we'll see...


Monday, January 04, 2010

since christmas
we've been busy
building train tracks and block cities
atticus couldn't be happier with his trains. isn't christmas with a two year old the best? he had zero expectations and was so easy to please. we had such a great christmas morning home as a little family, opening presents and hanging out.

and lifting weights of course

atticus and i got really used to having darek home for a full two weeks. i gotta say that it was heavenly. at this moment atticus is looking out the window calling, "dad? dad?" he can't figure out why darek isn't home to play with this morning. it's a sad tale to tell a two year old that dad is back to work and it's only mama today.

the three muskateers on our way to a new year's party
and since the new year began:
i've printed off a january two thousand NINE calendar - oops!
walked through target baffled as to why it's full of swimming suits and summer clothes - until i realized that smart people plan a warm, tropical vacation for this time of year...not us...
and been so so happy that atticus finally LOVES going to nursery. isn't church so much better when that's the case? and speaking of church, ours was translated from spanish to english to sign language yesterday. just gotta love that about boston.
as for new year's resolutions - i'm still refining mine but i'm excited.
and i'm hoping to have more suucess than this:

i borrowed this from marci's nutrition blog
check HERE to see what she says about setting new year's resolutions
i hope that you are all enjoying the new year!