Wednesday, December 16, 2009

~*~ on the third day of christmas ~*~
my true love gave to me
three stories of christmas kindness

story #1
circa 1983 when cabbage patch kids were ALL! THE! RAGE! childhood amberli asked for one for christmas, as did every other young girl in the western hemisphere, i'm sure. my mother went to the ends of the earth and back several times to track down the last cabbage patch doll on the planet for her little girl who believed so whole-heartedly that christmas morn would bring her her beloved prize. as i remember it, my mom had to full body tackle hundreds of other desperate mothers also seeking the last doll on the shelf. having the natural talent of a buff wrestler that she did, she succeeded and came home victorious with doll in hand. the only problem was that it was a boy doll. short blond hair, jeans, a blue and white striped t-shirt and white sneakers. childhood amberli was tom boy enough to love baby doll dressed as a boy but alas long blond hair was still a necessity (as i was a natural blond back then and of course would need my cabbage patch doll to be too). miracle worker mom did as she had numerous times throughout my childhood - she worked a miracle. the kind only moms can do. somehow she pulled out the hair on two patches of the head and miraculously sewed back into those two patches long, blond braided ponytails, thus transforming the last cabbage patch doll on planet earth into a little girl. a little girl named heidi, in fact. i remained oblivious to my dolls gender transformation until adulthood called upon my mother to tell me all the secrets of childhood. i always knew that as the first of THIRTEEN cabbage patch dolls i'd eventually own, heidi was the most special but until a few years ago i didn't realize just how special she was! thanks mom!

story #2
my cousin's family decided several years ago that they would stop buying gifts for one another each christmas and instead pool all their money and do christmas anonymously for a family in need. i'm sure we have all heard of people doing these things for others and i gotta say that it just tugs on the old heart strings every time. christmas time really brings out the best in people - appropriate as it's supposed to remind us of our Savior and His example of kindness and charity.

story #3
this just befell me two days hence. i had, unfortunately, a little incident with preterm labor symptoms. never fear, all is currently under control and it's hopefully unlikely to be much of a threat for the remainder of my pregnancy. anywho - a dear friend dropped me off at the doc's office and took atticus home with her which was blessing #1. i was poked, prodded, monitored, etc. at my doc's office but it was determined that i needed to go to the hospital for further testing, blah, blah, blah. i was without a car so i stopped a cab and asked if he took debit card, as i am "chronically cashless amberli." he said yes. i climbed in and asked for a ride to the hospital. he said he couldn't do it, the charge had to be a minimum of $10 to use debit card and the ride would only cost a few dollars. i hesitated. i thought of my other options? walking, while maybe in preterm labor? not a good idea...i panicked. i became an overly-emotional pregnant girl pouring out her heart to any poor soul who'd listen. i started to tell the driver what my situation was and before i'd even finished the first sentence he said, "get in, i'll give you a ride." i told him i had no money and he reassured me that money isn't the most important thing. ok, folks so you probably know that i already have me a tender heart, but when you add that to my hormonal pregnant state you gotta know that the tears come easily (i mean i teared up yesterday watching lightening mcqueen push the king over the finish line at the end of Cars, for crying out loud!) and the tears came a gushing. i tried to play it cool and such but honestly i was so grateful that this stranger would help me out that i just couldn't help it. i thanked him and thanked him and said a prayer that he would be blessed for helping out the emotional pregnant girl!

i hope you're holiday season is full of kindness!


Bonnie said...

Uggh, now you have me tearing up. I hope everything is okay- I'm sorry for your scare.

Aubrey said...

ok - I love the cabbage patch doll story- your mom is a miracle worker.

Aubrey said...

Also - I felt stressed for you with the taxi driver...I think crying was your best option at that point (I know I would).

Rachel said...

I'm not pregnant and story #3 made me teary-eyed. Yeah for the nice cabbie!
PS: Glad it's all okay7.

Bronwyn James said...

Well that brought a tear to my eye as well. Hurray for the blessed cab driver! And I'm so glad everything is ok for you now. It's always comforting to have a friend going through something similar. I have been cleared to go to the desert with my family (hurray!), but to take it easy down there (no problem). How did you manage with Atticus? How long were you in bed? It's SO much harder to actually stay in bed all day than I thought. Oi. Anyway, Merry Christmas and much love!