Saturday, December 19, 2009

~*~ on the sixth day of christmas ~*~
my true love gave to me
six scroogie pictures of the mccoys
a couple months ago The Christmas Carol train passed through boston and we were able to visit and learn about the making of the new film, see an extended trailer and get our faces morphed into those of the characters. here we are in all our scroogie glory!
darek as scrooge

amberli as scrooge
atticus as scrooge

darek as tiny time

amberli as tiny tim

atticus as tiny tim

creepy right?
the movie looks really good, although the extended trailor scared atticus so be warned if you're planning on taking young children. has anyone seen it? what did you think?
no bah-humbug for us!

1 comment:

Annie Ditto said...

Darek makes a perfect Scrooge! and your Tiny Tim is by far the best! That is so cool! Happy 6th day of Christmas to you!!