Sunday, December 20, 2009

~*~ on the seventh day of christmas ~*~
my true love gave to me
seven snow day activities
the blizzard finally arrived! as all you east coasters know it traveled up the coast yesterday. it was supposed to hit boston by 4 PM but didn't actually make it's appearance until midnight. nevertheless it delivered the 12+ inches of snow that it promised and we had a snow day at home. so warm and snuggly inside while it was cold and blizzardy outside. atticus got a touch of cabin fever by the end of the day but in general we found enough to entertain us...

1. dream of a white christmas while watching the snow come down
(and freeze by the awful drafty windows!)
2. undecorate the tree

3. wrap christmas gifts
then stack them on top of the shelves to keep atticus from unwrapping them

4. read, read, read
i'm currently reading THIS, it's intense!
5. and watch movies on dad's blackberry

6. shovel snow, of course

7. mmm...and make cafe rio pork salads
(looks like you've started a new prego craving for me teaplant!)
THIS is the recipe i used - good, but not the real thing
i did get the glorious news that a cafe rio is finally being built in CA and in my hometown, laguna hills, nonetheless.
reason # 89,372,638,503,721 i'm dying to move home!
we also took long naps!
mmm, and made chocolate chip cookies
and cinnamon raisin bread in the bread maker
it's been a tasty day!
i hope you all stayed cuddly and warm on our blizzardy day!
and i don't want any of you CA, AZ, LV peeps pulling a
"oh send some of that cold our way, it's still 109 degrees out here"
comment business! the drafty windows are torture enough!


familia Bybaran said...

We did the exact same thing that day. I cooked all day. We read, shoveled, etc. It was fun. I love reading your days of Christmas posts. It's fun to hear how other people gear up for the holiday.

Gramma Dani said...

Your posts are s-o-o-o-o awesome!!!