Thursday, December 17, 2009

~*~ on the fourth day of christmas ~*~
my true love gave to me
four christmas confessions
atticus helped me wrap darek's christmas gift yesterday,
after which he promptly helped himself unwrap it


* it's entirely possible that we've been eating far too many christmas treats around these parts *
i'm suffering from a severe case of mother's guilt as i made the difficult decision of throwing away one of atticus' prized treasures yesterday. i had to. it's so very much a choking hazard i'd be a bad mom if i didn't. atticus is mostly past putting things in his mouth but this item, he could not resist. it was a marble sized plastic bead that looked like a baseball. he loved it. he cherished it. he held it in his tiny hand and stroked it, whispering "my precious" gollum-style. he woke up this morning and said, "ball?" and i pretended not to know which ball he meant...oh the guilt!
and finally...
i put THESE on my christmas list!
me! queen anti-skechers. oh the shame!
could i be dorkier? no. i cannot. this is as dorky as it gets.
and yet, i find that as i get older i get dorkier.
so dorky in fact that i'm kind of OK with being dorky.
be embarrassed on my behalf if you will.
un-friend me on FB if you must.
i understand...
but i'll be sure to let you know if they deliver all that they promise to do!
because if they do, you're going to want to be a dork too!
and please forgive me you skecher lovers out there - let us just agree to disagree on this particular matter
and one last note: FYI - i had a follow-up with my OB today and she declared me currently free of preterm labor symptoms! woo hoo! thank you for your concern and support, here's to a complication-free remaining ten (hopefully eight) weeks!


Allison said...

I will definitely will stay tuned to see what you think of the Skechers. I've always been curious but can't bring myself to shell out the cash to see the results for myself. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you--they're just ugly enough to be super-effective, right?

cori said...

no way! i was at kohls last night...11:30pm and had these in my hand wondering...a copy of the mbt shoe that i wanted once upon a time. i MAY consider them someday because my feet are kiliing me most days. i can't give up my flip flops and i think i have ruined me self.

i love the thought of what they can do. relieve back pain, better posture, and all the weight is evenly distributed throughout your whole foot. i am impressed with the mbt video on their website.

i totally get the getting dorky while getting old. i don't care what my kids say, and you can never get dorky. so no need to worry about that!

i totally miss you and your cute self. hope all is going well, and i am glad to catch up on your blog.

thinking of you guys!

Leah said...

So glad that you are doing better! What a sweet story on your last post.

Crazy Lady said...

i just read your stories, they were great. no fun about the pre term labor, take care of yourself lady. let him cook a little longer.

have you seen the boot version of those shoes? very cute.

ya i don't think you can get dorky either, its kinda sick actually.