Sunday, December 13, 2009

~ healthy holidays! ~

i really admire a good friend of mine, Marci Anderson, who has started her own business in cambridge, ma as a registered dietician. as you many of you know, i worked as a social worker in the eating disorder field for a few years before having atticus. it's a tough field but an oh so worthy cause and Marci has expanded her business not only to serve the needs of those interested in improving general health and well being by learning about nutrition and exericse but also those suffering with eating disorders. her website and blog are full of good information, frequently asked questions, resources, recipes, and how to find a healthy balance between food and exercise.

from her site:
"I help my clients make sense of their eating habits
by incorporating principles of nutritional science
with insight into the behavioral and emotional components of eating."

who doesn't need a little insight into the behavioral and emotional components of eating? any of you who know anything about me at all is that i'm a health nut with a wicked bad sweet tooth, or perhaps a whole head full of sweet tooths! the holiday season is wonderful and delicious but, at least in my case, requires something of a recovery period after the new year has begun. i've got some big health goals lined up for 2010 and thought that if you did too perhaps you could find some helpful information from Marci's website: i've also added her link to my sidebar so be sure to visit frequently!

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