Wednesday, November 18, 2009

life is much too busy this week

mostly because i got put on a jury for a 2+ week trial but i'm not allowed to say anything about that so that's all i'm going to say about that...

we did manage to get to rhode island last week to wish chad a happy birthday and compare my pregnant belly with laura's twin pregnant belly. (i mean that she's twins with my belly, not that she's having twins...that's how rumors get started people!) it was so good to see the donvitos and get caught up with the coxes too. we had to take a little picture of some of the OG cambridge group together again.

speaking of the OG's we had a little pre-thanksgiving dinner with this coxes a couple nights ago since we always spend t-day with them but they'll be gone this year. isn't that the best idea of all best ideas? it was so lovely and so delicious and so lovely and so delicious! thanks for the good eats, yhord and shawn! JH even perched her camera atop the bookshelf to record the moment forever. such JOY!

now if i can only survive the rest of the week in court and make it to friday night at 7 PM! don't pretend like you don't know that i'm talking about...i could really use a touch of NEW MOON right about now! woo hoo!



Jamie said...

just so you can be jealous, I have Twilight tickets for 9pm and New Moon tickets for midnight!! I'm so excited I don't even care I have to be up at 7 Friday morning :-)

Crazy Lady said...

dude, how do you do jury duty with atticus? do tell.