Monday, November 23, 2009

the haircut

before ~ with the curls and summer highlights


~ after ~


we planned on cutting att's hair on his second birthday (tomorrow) but good thing we decided to do it tonight since he hated every second of it and the toil and tears surely would have ruined his special day.


~ i love you sweet little boy ~


Kate Wangsgard said...

He looks so grown up! I hope you saved one of his little curls for posterity's sake. I think we're approaching this day with Soren. Without the summer sweat, his curls are getting more mullet-like by the day.

Amy D. said...

He does look like ethan!! And I think it makes him look so much older. That is the hard part about cutting their hair. And don't worry about the screaming/crying. Why do you think we started buzzing Eth? After 2 times of horribleness at the Salon mike refused to take him back for a year.....he just went back the other day with some serious bribery and did great! There is hope. Have a great bday Atticus!