Wednesday, November 25, 2009

.t.w.o. . .y.e.a.r.s. . .o.l.d.

this little boy is looking so grown up to me
that it makes my heart cry a little
but also still smile a lot

the birthday party

we had the coxes over for birthday dinner, cake, ice cream and opening presents
this was atticus' reaction after opening his lightening mcqueen car - jumping up and down, screaming

he got a huge truck that is a carrying case for the millions of cars he also got

which he immediately started lining up, very carefully of course

more celebration

licking his lips for the cake

eating as much cake as he could possibly fit in his mouth at a time

happy birthday sweet boy
it's a blessing to be your parents
we love you more than anything!


Ryan said...

Wow, I recognize that big old truck. We got the same thing for C last Christmas. That's so funny. You'll notice that the quality of the cars are, well...less than stellar. But C loves that thing. He's always loading cars into it. And it's taken quite a beating, but it's more or less holding up. I mean it's functional anyway.

Maybe these two guys really are cousins. In one of the pictures, it looks like Atticus is carefully lining up the cars. L and I laughed at these pictures. It was like we were looking at C.

Trisha said...

My son Cade has a similar truck and LOVES it! Happy Birthday Atticus! I also love your haircut.

Stacey said...

Happy birthday Atticus! I can't believe you're two! If we still lived in Boston, you and Miles could play with cars (especially Cars cars!) and be two happy kiddos!

Gramma Dani said...

Such a darling little guy!!! Looks like he had a REALLY fun birthday!

Likely said...

happy birthday atticus!