Wednesday, November 25, 2009

.t.w.o. . .y.e.a.r.s. . .o.l.d.

this little boy is looking so grown up to me
that it makes my heart cry a little
but also still smile a lot

the birthday party

we had the coxes over for birthday dinner, cake, ice cream and opening presents
this was atticus' reaction after opening his lightening mcqueen car - jumping up and down, screaming

he got a huge truck that is a carrying case for the millions of cars he also got

which he immediately started lining up, very carefully of course

more celebration

licking his lips for the cake

eating as much cake as he could possibly fit in his mouth at a time

happy birthday sweet boy
it's a blessing to be your parents
we love you more than anything!

Monday, November 23, 2009

the haircut

before ~ with the curls and summer highlights


~ after ~


we planned on cutting att's hair on his second birthday (tomorrow) but good thing we decided to do it tonight since he hated every second of it and the toil and tears surely would have ruined his special day.


~ i love you sweet little boy ~

Saturday, November 21, 2009

new moon fever

*this picture may be identical to one taken exactly a year ago as we cringed/loved our way through twilight
i'll refrain from putting too much info here so as not to spoil new moon for any of you who weren't smart enough to get your tickets a month ago for opening weekend - but let me just say that despite a few highly awkward and painful moments reminiscent of the first movie,
new moon blew twilight out of the water!
the count down for eclipse has begun...365...364...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

life is much too busy this week

mostly because i got put on a jury for a 2+ week trial but i'm not allowed to say anything about that so that's all i'm going to say about that...

we did manage to get to rhode island last week to wish chad a happy birthday and compare my pregnant belly with laura's twin pregnant belly. (i mean that she's twins with my belly, not that she's having twins...that's how rumors get started people!) it was so good to see the donvitos and get caught up with the coxes too. we had to take a little picture of some of the OG cambridge group together again.

speaking of the OG's we had a little pre-thanksgiving dinner with this coxes a couple nights ago since we always spend t-day with them but they'll be gone this year. isn't that the best idea of all best ideas? it was so lovely and so delicious and so lovely and so delicious! thanks for the good eats, yhord and shawn! JH even perched her camera atop the bookshelf to record the moment forever. such JOY!

now if i can only survive the rest of the week in court and make it to friday night at 7 PM! don't pretend like you don't know that i'm talking about...i could really use a touch of NEW MOON right about now! woo hoo!


Thursday, November 12, 2009

atticus' favorites

*this post is for documentational purposes


running everywhere, especially away from me, lining up your cars like a train, cooking, cleaning and unfolding laundry, playing basketball with dad, watching/playing with trains, watching curious george, being chased, being tickled, brushing your teeth, putting your shoes on, going outside


playdates, museum outings, running around the park, chasing balls, reading books, singing songs especially twinkle twinkle little star, making animal sounds, meeting daddy at the train, balls, balls, balls


taking all the tupperware out of the cupboard, making messes, being rocked before nap/bedtime, turning on the TV when it's supposed to be off, trying to steal the eggs out of the fridge without mom noticing, pushing buttons especially on the computer/printer/TV


snuggling your blankie, jumping on the bed and in your crib, shooting baskets from your crib, playing in the front seat of the car, trying to put the keys in the door lock, stealing mom and dad's cell phones, making calls, dumping out your blocks and anything else that can be dumped out


climbing, sliding, finding treasures, putting on mom and dad's shoes, putting your arms up and yelling 'ta da' when you climb to the top of something, stacking blocks and knocking them down, helping dad build things with tools, playing peek-a-boo and peeking around corners when you're trying to hide


eating pears, apples, bananas, carrots, broccoli and TREATS


playing in the bathtub and pouring water out onto the floor, trying to sneak into the bathroom to put the plunger and the toilet scrubber in the toilet, emptying the TP roll, flushing the toilet, putting q-tips in your ears, rubbing lotion on your hands and cheeks, gibber jabbering, pointing at things and telling us all about them


i love you sweet boy

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

new york city

i had such a great time in NY last week for our girls weekend. we celebrated kamilah's birthday and also did a temple session together, which was really one of the highlights for me. it was so cool to be in the temple with so many close friends.

with leah

with the birthday girl kamilah
fyi - she designed the dress she's wearing, sooo talented!

with kelly and jen

leah doing her thing! check out her beautiful shots HERE

we ate delicious food all weekend which is naturally one of the best parts of being in NY.
lunch at carmine's in times square - so yummy.

the trip would not have been complete without a little karaoke madness,
though i'll refrain from posting the video footage here

and of course, riding the subway all over. some of the ladies took some crazy pictures on the subway but unfortunately none of those ended up on my camera. we also had a few run ins with some subway crazies but our trip would not have been complete without them.

kamilah and kijuana - these sisters are so beautiful and seriously so much fun!
their mom and aunt were in town for the fetivities as well and i gotta say it's clear where they get their charm from!

we had good weather all weekend and sunday was particularly beautiful and warm. we took a long walk across the brooklyn bridge and got so caught up in taking thousands of pictures that kelly, cathy and i almost missed our flights home. i had the typical run-through-the-airport-with-a-huge-prego-belly-bouncing-around experience but happily made it home safe and sound.

the ladies on the brooklyn bridge patiently waiting while leah and i took many a photo!

it was such a fun weekend. i feel lucky that i get to do these little girls weekends usually a couple times a year. i'm guessing this will be my last one for a while as the new babe arrives though. thanks ladies for all the fun, the shopping, the cupcakes, the laughs and laughs and laughs!
i love you!
*and a special thanks to mehrsa and jared for generously letting me crash at l'hotel bybaran! you guys are the best and it was great staying up until the wee hours of morning chatting away!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

today's mommy moment

this morning:
child awakens one hour
thirty minutes before usual
curious george
load diaper bag
load stroller
load child
stroll to park
enjoy fall day
release child into the
(gated in)
referee toddlers
chat with the bestie on the phone:
one hour
forty-six minutes
twenty-five seconds
(there was much with which to acquaint her)
let child play too long
child climbs into stroller of own volition
mother notes: this willing stroller confinement
is an unprecedented event
in all the twenty-three months
and sixteen days
of the young lad's life
child: hungry
banana falls into sand
fruit snacks?
mom rushes into CVS
child: hungry, tired, mad
second packet of fruit snacks?
mom scrambles through aisles
searches through vitamins
child: hungry, tired, mad
mom: desperate
third packet of fruit snacks?
child: happy
purchase vitamins
walk half way home
discover hidden bottle of vitamins in stroller canopy
accidental thievery!
think to self:
"do i return them now?"
"or later?"
"i don't want child to fall asleep"
"i need to get him home for lunch"
"i really need to pee"
"thou shalt not steal!"
return to CVS
think to self:
"do i return them to the cashier
and confess to my thievery?"
"do i just put them back on the shelf?"
put them back on the shelf
walk home
child: out
transfer sleeping lunchless child to crib

Monday, November 09, 2009

~ home from NYC ~
brooklyn bridge
i had such a wonderful weekend
with wonderful friends
and wonderful food
i'm still going through pictures
but i'll post about it soon
i sure missed my boys though
just as i thought i would
~so happy to be home~

Thursday, November 05, 2009

it's only three days
but i'm still going to miss my boys

i'm headed to new york tonight.
i'm real excited!
but nevertheless - i'm going to miss my boys.
i realize that my husband is a grown man but i still stocked the fridge
and freezer and made dinners for him to heat up throughout the weekend.
i can't help it! i'm sure he'd live on mac n' cheese and cereal all weekend if i didn't
which means atticus would too...see what i mean?

.bye bye cute boys.
.hello new york city.
.have a lovely weekend.


Wednesday, November 04, 2009

even after a three hour nap

this little man didn't want to leave his crib. he loves bouncing around in there and since taking the rocking chair out of his room, there is space for his basketball hoop. heaven!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

halloween weekend
my main man and my bat man at the community center halloween party friday night

~ the berkshires ~

we were in the berkshires for halloween weekend for a friend's wedding. it was absolutely breath-taking. unfortunately, i was too busy with wedding festivities and chasing atticus around that i didn't get to take any fancy pics. these snap shots will have to do.

the wedding festivities started friday night and continued through sunday morning. we didn't head out there until saturday morning. the couple rented out all of race brook lodge for people to stay the weekend. it was beautiful, rustic, perfect for a fall wedding. most people stayed in these little bungalows although we stayed at a cute little bed and breakfast nearby. hm, i just realized i forgot to get pics of our b&b. oh well. i guess we'll have to go back.

the wedding ceremony was held in this beautiful barn. it was such an awesome ceremony led by the sister of our friend. it included a time of silence after the quaker tradition after which people in the audience could stand and give their wishes to the couple. i loved it. it was all so tender. there was a musical number by my friend's new step son which made everyone cry. and then all immediate family stood in a circle at the front of the room and passed the couple's wedding rings between them, each "blessing" the rings and giving their good wishes. isn't that cool? i'm so glad we got to go. i didn't ask permission of the couple to post pics of the ceremony so you'll just have to paint the lovely picture in your mind. although this shot is showing the corner of the barn decked out with coloring books and playdough for all the kids. isn't that the best idea you've ever heard of? it was occupied more and more as the ceremony proceeded, especially by atticus! i wish we'd make a corner like that for sacrament meeting!

there was a really yummy luncheon reception and then that evening they had trick-or-treating for all the kids. it was rainy by that point so atticus got to trick-or-treat just enough to confuse him. darek and i were supposed to be an angel and a demon but ran out of time to do make-up and such. oh well. and atticus wanted to be batman so that he could show off his sweet abs.

not happy to be sitting in a high chair at dinner.
how sweet is his hair, all fluffed up from the rain?

whilst trick-or-treating bungalow to bungalow we came across a very eager halloween party participant who insisted we come in for some face make-up. this was my very sad attempt at painting demon horns on darek's rained-on forehead.

and the bug got some lovely face paint too

more face painty pics.
there was a big halloween party after the trick-or-treating.
please note that darek's sweaty head (from all the dancing, of course) started to run
thus creating the illusion of bloody tears - how demony is that?

hm, sort of just looks like a blue goblin here, not so batmany.
atticus was dancing his little bat cape offthe whole time.
he loved every second of it.

sharing his cupcake with dad

the brides dressed up as the brides of frankenstein!
how great is that?

batman, angel, bride of frankenstein and a ninja

the party was so much fun. santa and mrs. clause even made an appearance to hand out christmas stickers and glow bracelets. cute, right?
the next morning we went to the norman rockwell museum. he spent the last 25 years of his life in stockbridge, ma and completed a lot of his major works there. some of the models he used in his illustrations still live in the area and even work at the museum.

we weren't allowed to take pictures inside but the grounds were just lovely. i'm not sure what this house was that was on the grounds but it was really pretty.
playing in the trees

climbing the trees

in the basement of the museum they had an art center for kids. we did some excellent artful drawings and posted them on the wall for all to enjoy. darek is holding atticus up in the air next to our pictures here, hence the hand.

it was such a fun weekend.
and this weekend i'm headed to NYC for some girl time! can't wait!
i hope that you all had a happy and safe halloween!