Thursday, October 01, 2009

this week

today: atticus locked me out of the house! we had just gotten home from a nice (albeit chilly) little bike ride downtown to meet up with darek for lunch and as i was locking up the bike on our porch, atticus took my keys inside and closed the door behind him. the door locks automatically. atticus doesn't know how to open it from the inside. i checked for the hidden key...nowhere to be found. i peeked in the through the window, spied atticus still with bike helmet atop his head, waving and smiling at me from inside. clueless. i pulled out my phone to call my landlord and ironically he had just left me a message asking me to run up to his apartment to get a phone number for him. as i hit send to call him back he pulled up in front of the house. he had come home to get the number since i hadn't answered to give it to him - so lucky! atticus, you sly dog...

yesterday: my parent's 44th wedding anniversary! how sweet is that? how hot are they in this photo? this wasn't of their wedding day (all their wedding pics got lost in the mail, so sad, right?) but nonetheless they're looking good in their farah fawcett and richard simmons hair styles! happy anniverary kids!

tuesday: the TENTH anniversary of the day i went into the MTC!!! i can't believe it! i'm that old person that still talks about their mission like it was yesterday and thinks she's really cool and hip. anyway - here's an old school pic of friends and family that met at hickory kist for lunch before i entered the alien world also known as the mission. such good memories!

and some truely dedicated roommates doing a little cheer for me to send me on my way. so classic. so very skyview 3. and so obnoxious that i'm posting it here. sorry ladies!

tuesday afternoon: i took atticus to the grocery store in one of those little red push cars because he was feeling a bit anti-stroller that day. in the produce section i slipped a bit (didn't fall) on a little puddle of water. i thought to myself, "sheesh, stop & shop could have a serious lawsuit on their hands if someone eats it here." i mosey on my way. three feet later a little lady in front of me slips a bit (doesn't fall) on another puddle of water. she looks at me and starts expressing her frustration in spanish. i commiserate with her in english and tell her that i slipped too and that they really should do something about the water on the floor. her husband scoots her out of the way so i can reach the grapes behind her. all the while she continues expressing her frustration, getting quite animated, maybe even almost yelling. she really wants me to know that "sheesh, stop & shop could have a serious lawsuit on their hands if someone eats it here!" i give a knowing, sympathetic nood and mosey on my way. through the produce i go. zig zag. down the canned fruit section and to the self check out. i'm self checking out and i see, what's this? another huge puddle on the floor? and what's that? water leaking from the little red push car my son is riding in??? at that point i put two and two together and realize that I had been the culprit trailing water through the store, almost killing not only myself but the innocent shoppers of stop & shop. i informed the lady behind me to please watch her step as well as asked the worker lady to please have someone come clean up my mess. i, however, was far too sheepish to let her know that i had also been trailing water all through the produce section and canned fruit isle. i just busted it out of there before an ambulance was called to assist an injured patron. it was only as i was bolting out the door that i put another two and two together and realized that all the espanol ranting and raving was not directed at stop & shop, but was in fact directed at me! sweet.

tuesday night: book club, we read mindless eating. i read it mostly while i was eating mindlessly. anyway - good, interesting, maybe i'll write more about it at a later date, but probably not so here you go.

monday: incredibly beautiful! 70+ degrees, so very different from our current 54 degrees. we met up with M&A at the new park at cambridge common. it was pretty awesome. take your toddler there if you haven't already. and plan on them getting wet and/or sandy. so fun to hang out and chitty chat with M&A, thanks for the fun playdate!

hm, i guess that's it for now


Leah said...

Oh the memories. It was a glorious time of life to be sure.

Nikki said...

That picture of your parents is classic. Needs to be blown up and style. :) And quit spilling water! Kidding. Enjoy the nice weather. Ours went from 86 to 51 in one day. Craziness I tell ya!

Trisha said...

Love your grocery store story. I have days like that!

Keleigh, Cecilia and Family said...

i love 10 year anniversary of when you went to the mtc and so not looking forward to that day next year for me. nor the 10 year anniversary of when i came home. EEK