Friday, October 02, 2009

this makes me laugh

so we had five muggings in our neighborhood last week, but that's not the part that makes me laugh.
remember last week when we took a little evening bike ride to JP Licks for ice cream?

well click on the link below (the clip won't imbed)
endure the 15 second commercial
then either watch the story and hear about our sweet neighborhood crimes
or fastforward the story to 1:50 and watch closely in the background

how awesome is that? it looks like the muggers were making a quick getaway on some sweet vintage cruisers!


Kate Wangsgard said...

That's awesome. And clearly a sign that you need to move back to Cambridge...

Me said...


Darren, Tisha and Tanner said...

You should be wearing HELMETS!

Annie Ditto said...

You're Famous!!