Friday, October 09, 2009

lest you fall victim to my false wisdom
**note: please see previous post of ten minutes past to read part one of this saga**

part two

post amendment:
thinking i was so smart, i left atticus to the wonders of water play AT the sink while posting how brilliant a can't-make-dinner-unless-atticus-is-distracted-solution it was. when i turned around after hitting the "publish post" button this is what i beheld.

i thought it might be a good idea for a bit

"lesson learned" amended: next time simply remove att's clothing and add him to the sink, as he will undoubtedly find his way there on his own.

and don't give him breakables

2.2 seconds before this mug's last pour

R.I.P. little mug
final verdict: not the most successful activity, but at least my floors are clean from cleaning up all the water atticus poured on the floor. oh and the broken glass from the mug atticus threw on the floor. oh and all the junk that fell out of the dustbuster when atticus dropped it on the floor and it exploded open while trying to vaccuum up the broken glass.
maybe this project will be more closely surpervised in the future...

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Dani said...

This was an awesome post... however, I'm starting to wonder what life will be like when Lily starts walking... will I hold on to the limited sanity I still have? :)