Thursday, October 29, 2009

~ cooking and projects ~

i've been doing me a lot of cooking of late - lots of new recipes and whatnot. i think it's part of this nesting business getting all extra domestic-like and such. plus we finally got a table and chairs last night - only a hundred buckaroos off craigslist. woo hoo! although we've had space in our kitchen for the last four years for a table and chairs we've just never gotten one - der! "how in the world do you eat, then?" you might ask. on our lame little dinner trays that i think are mostly found in nursing homes. was time for an upgrade. and we had friends over for lunch today and i felt so prime and proper eating at a table...time to leave all barbarianism behind.

my fave new recipe this week is Pasta with Prosciutto and Peas found HERE. do not delay, make yourself some delciousness today. i used 1 c. light cream instead of 2/3 c. heavy and next time i'll make it with even more prosciutto - mmmm, brings back the mission, that deliciousness! i'll also probably make twice as much in the hopes that we can control ourselves from eating it all so we can enjoy leftovers the next day!
FYI - to really make leftovers edible you'd want to make extra sauce and cook up new pasta for the leftovers, otherwise it would get sticky and perhaps less delicious.

anyway - dinner making time is always att's hold-me-and-let-me-stir-what's-in-the-pot time. since stiring what's in the pot equals danger with this little man i set him up with his own martha stewart cooking kitchen on the floor. couldn't be a happier little tike. please watch him sprinkle in the seasonings, stir and top with the lid. such a pro!

by the way - have you had a hard time finding canned pumpkin to use in all your delicious fall recipes? i have! and then i found out why - there's a shortage this year! it rained so much that many pumpkins were rotten before they could be picked! what a crime!! so anway - i searched high and low and finally found some at target of all random places and i bought all eight cans that were on the just don't know when that goodness will be found again. anway - stock up if you can. and i'll post my pumpkin bisque recipe soon and we'll be friends forever!

so, we're all house projecty right now too making space for babe-in-belly. we moved the changing table into our room and gave atticus a big boy dresser in his room. i was a little "my baby's growing up too fast" type sad but now i'm kind of loving decorating it and for sure loving all the extra drawer space. we've also bought an antique secretary desk to act as a new home to the computer (brilliant because it closes up which means no computer access to little tiny fingers.) i'm thinking of painting it and giving it a face lift as it's over the age of 100 years. i'll be sure to post pics if it turns out to be anything worth posting!

alrighty, have a great day!


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Keleigh, Cecilia and Family said...

was that your very own recipe for prosciutto, peas and panna? that is so super yummy. i haven't looked at your blog in months and mamma mia, atticus has grown so much. loving his hair!!!