Monday, October 05, 2009

blogger appears to be anti-photo for me tonight
so my "blah, blah, blah" will have to do

how was your weekend? darek left for washington state on saturday to attend his grandfather's funeral this morning. it was a last minute decision to go but i'm glad he was able to work it out. sadly, i never met this grandfather and it sounds like i've really missed out. i've heard so many wonderful thing about him that i feel grateful to be part of his eternal family. he's certainly left a legacy that is a blessing to all of us. so atticus and i are flying solo for a few days but darek will be home tomorrow. that will be a happy moment since every time our upstairs neighbors come in the front door atticus thinks it's darek getting home from work and he bolts to the door so excited. it's so sad to tell him that it's not dada. breaks both our hearts, so i'm really looking forward to telling him it's dada when we hear him coming in tomorrow afternoon.

i've made my yummy carrot soup again for dinner tonight and i'm going to be so sneaky and put it on atticus' pasta instead of pasta sauce so he'll get a good dose of veggies. i also thought i was being sneaky by sprinkling a tiny bit of sugar of his cut up peach so he'd eat it (it's not a very sweet peach, i don't normally add sugar to my kid's food...) but he totally outsmarted me by just picking up the peach pieces and licking the sugar off! i out-smarty-pants him again though by stabbing the peach pieces with a fork and handing it to him. the kid can't resist eating something off the end of a fork, makes him feel so grown up.

ok, onto less frivolous topics. how great was general conference this weekend? did you get to watch it? i watched most, that which atticus allowed, but i'm looking forward to watching/reading the rest HERE. it's always exactly what i need to hear. we're so blessed that it's every six months. it's rare enough that it feels like a special treat and frequent enough to keep us on track. i loved the overall theme of LOVE!
the defining attribute of a disciple of Christ is LOVE.
if you LOVE me, keep my commandments.
the great commandment is to LOVE God
and the second like unto it to LOVE thy neighbor.
LOVE your family, even through their wayward trials.
express LOVE and show it, consistently.
LOVE thy child, even when carrot soup splats on the wall
(that was a personal application one.)
share the gospel through LOVE.
pray for the kind of LOVE that helps you
focus on the strengths of your spouse
and overlook the weaknesses.
LOVE is the motivating principle
to obey God and serve others.
i LOVE it.
do you LOVE it?
hooray for LOVE!
PS - the carrot-soup-as-pasta-sauce worked like a charm.
who's the smarty-pants now?

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Dani said...

So glad I found your blog! We miss see the McCoys at church, especially adorable Atticus.