Monday, September 28, 2009

we went to danehy park

for the cambridge city family festival last saturday. it was so much fun. they gave out all kinds of freebies including kites, shirts, food, books, slinkies, frisbees, and lots of other goodies. atticus got a free book from the cambridge city library, he choose the one about trucks and promptly read it atop his papa's head!

kid's crafts

making his own bracelet which he had to wear as an anklet

several fire trucks, ambulances, etc. were also there for the kids to climb through. the fire station was also giving out free emergency preparedness kits - really nice, complete ones in red cross backpacks, etc. apparently they attended the enrichment activity on getting your 72 hour kits put together and thought they'd do it for everyone. it was pretty great!

atticus couldn't get over the wheel while we awaited our turn to drive the truck

but at last he had his turn and never wanted to get out

atticus i totally don't blame you for not digging the so creepy clown on scary stilts.
stilts have creeped me out for a long time!

they had little kiddie rides and bounce houses as well. the bug wasn't tall enough for the rides but they did have a "little kids" session on the bounce house. however all the other "little kids" weren't so little and i was real nervous atticus was going to get pummeled. he was completely in heaven though. the kid loves to bounce and his very favorite is to jump up and land on his bum, which he does everywhere, the couch, my bed, his crib, my belly, etc.

he totally held his own with the big kids. we were dying laughing while he was dying and going to heaven. for real, never seen a happier chap.

action shot, in mid-jump/bum bounce

ok so we really really died laughing when the worker guy told all the kids their time was up and please get off. atticus wasn't having it. every other child exited as asked, but not mine. he was in his own little world, so happy to bounce and land on his bum. he just kept bouncing and bouncing. everyone was laughing. finally we informed the worker guy that someone would have to go get him, there was no way he'd be exiting his dream bounce house by his own free will and choice.

personal escort to the exit

while we tried to watch a magic show atticus wandered away and found this little forest with water just asking to have rocks thrown into it. such a little boy!

before heading home we stopped at the tot lot and let our tot tot about for a while.
love the static in his hair here.

finally a stop at the soccer field on our way to the car so atticus could run through the goal and think he was real funny

and get a little taste of the goal as well

it was an awesome day! we are having the best fall - let's all pray it sticks around for a while!


Annie Ditto said...

I'm sure you could fit a jumpy-house in your apartment! Then A could have fun all winter long!! Love the belly shot BTW ...are you sure you're prego? I can make my belly look like that too, and I'm definitely not prego :)

Me said...

How fun!!!! This looks like a day my little guy would LOVE!!!! Atticus is so adorable!