Thursday, September 24, 2009

twenty-two months old
my sweetest son ~
today you are 22 months old. i can't believe how the time is flying and you've somehow turned into a little boy instead of a little baby overnight. you've needed lots of extra snuggles lately which i am more than happy to give! maybe you're sensing your first little sibling's coming arrival and you want extra mommy time. i've been cherishing every moment of my atticus-only time as much as possible. today you fell asleep on my shoulder at nap time. it's rare that i ever get to see you sleep since you rarely sleep anywhere but your crib, but today i just held you and rocked you and enjoyed every second of it.
coloring is your newest obsession
i've been cleaning crayon off the floor, the couch, my clothes, your clothes, your face, my face, everywhere for days. you can't get enough.

i interrupted your coloring to take a picture

it made you sad

today you asked to put your boots and i asked you to pose for the camera
this was your pose
the classic atticus crouch

then you posed with your blocks
and i got a good shot of your still uncut curls

tonight at bedtime we went for a bike ride instead
and got ice cream at JP Licks

it was the perfect end to the perfect day

i love you sweet son


Terese said...

Such a cutie pie. I remember feeling a little sad at the thought that I wouldn't be giving 100% of my attention to Noah when I was preggo with Presley. After I had her, the transition was so much smoother than I thought. It's true how the love expands. I am so jealous of Atticus' bike seat. I have to get one of those!

Bronwyn James said...

Sigh. That's so sweet.

Nikki said...

We saw those bike seats (from Utah) on the news. cool. nice that you called it "rad". :)