Friday, September 18, 2009

today it was the green crayon
everyday atticus spends time coloring
then he chooses a crayon
and eats it

we've had a really fun few days since we got the iBert baby bike seat. this things is so rad, he rides up front with me, his legs straddling the handle bars. i'll have to take a picture with atticus in the seat with his sweet helmet on. he loves his helmet, keeps it on after we get home from our bike rides. eventually he asks to take it off and then he scratches all over his head. it must feel like taking your hair out of a ponytail.

we rode the bike along the bike path all the way downtown to go to the public library for singing time this morning. atticus was in heaven the whole way. why didn't we make this investment at the beginning of summer? der!

i'm so excited for the weekend. this is such a fun time of year in new england with all the fall festivals and farms and fairs and corn mazes and apple picking and the charles river sing (sunday evening, FYI) and all the fun things to do. the weather is (mostly) amazing and we've got to enjoy every second because i suspect that winter is sneaking up on us.
have a lovely, green crayon, weekend!


Crazy Lady said...

that just gives me the chills with the green crayon in the teeth...i can taste it! yuck yuck!

baylie stuck a mini m and m up her nose, does that count? blue snot all day

cori said...

thank you for the glimpse in your charming life.

charming and sweet. love it.

i can't wait to see pics of fall weather, and the farms, and apples...i just can't wait to see it. we are still in the high 90's, and still have the a/c cranked.