Tuesday, September 15, 2009

it looks like it's going to be another lovely day!



cori said...

hey big guy.

your so fun! kick up your feet!

we are over here too!

love ya atticus!

dixonfamily said...

Hey Amberli,
This is Alissa Dixon from long ago when we were both in our first married student ward at BYU. It's good to see how well you and Derek are doing and to see the adorable little guy Atticus is. I found your blog from one of the other girls who were in our ward back in 2002.
I actually am coming up to Boston this weekend in order to give birth to our baby boy who has a very serious heart defect. I will be having a c-section in the next couple of weeks and then we'll be there for 3-4 months while our little guy has surgery and hopefully gets well enough for us to come home to Texas, where we have lived for the past year.
I'm not sure where in Boston you live, but I have been trying to find somewhere cheap or free to stay while I am up there. Do you know of anywhere that is close to the Children's Hospital of Boston and the Brigham Women's Hospital or at least close to public transportation? I am trying to get as much info as possible before I get up there so I have some options. I will probably be spending most of my time at the hospital once the baby is born, but it could take a couple of weeks until that happens.
Anyway, if you have any great ideas and knowledge of the area that would be helpful I would be so grateful.
My email is alissadixon@gmail.
Good to see you guys are doing well.