Monday, September 07, 2009

i turned .t.h.i.r.t.y.o.n.e. a couple weeks ago

so far it's been a great year!

my childhood best friend made me the cutest e-card with pictures taken recently from my visit to utah (at her oldest's baptism, it was a really special event and i'm so glad we were there for it) as well as old school pictures of us from elemenarty school, high school and such. they are such great memories that i just had to post them here for all to enjoy! thanks nikki, i so loved the card and the flashbacks!


we did dinner out and saw a movie and lots of birthday shopping and devoured the great wall of deliciousness at PF chang's on my b-day weekend, then we had cake and ice cream with a few friends at home. it was a lovely weekend and a happy way to ring in my 31st year!

the blowing-out-candles pictures is never flattering but nevertheless must be done

my last year birthday post i did a little tribute to my twenties, kissing them goodbye - so this year i'm going to try to think of something memorable from each year of my life. as i have a terrible memory, this is going to be hard...

year 1 ~ moved from CA to Boise on my first birthday, what a terrible birthday gift

year 2 ~ yeah right, like i remember anything about being two

year 3 ~ hm, i pretty much have no memory of my third year either but i know that i went to a preschool and my teacher's name was rita

year 4 ~ i also remember that i was so wild and crazy at the preschool and apparently had the beginnings of the insomnia problems that still plague me these many years later that when all the other kids had nap time i had "quiet amberli time" laying under the kitchen table (that's for reals where they stashed me) playing with all my toys that i brought from home in my huge pink pillow case while the old lady in charge of me snoozed on the couch in the other room, but i had to lay where she could keep an eye on me - i was a wiley one!

year 5 ~ kindergarten with my teacher mrs. burns. i don't remember much except that i went to a school mostly built underground and that i loved my teacher. those are important details to a 5 year old.

year 6 ~ we had the sweetest club house/loft in my school class room that we could climb into and read and hang out. i loved it and i'm sure i slept more in there then read.

year 7 ~ i remember getting sent to the principal's office (who, by the way, threatened to paddle us but decided not to!!) because this lame girl totally tackled me and wanted to wrestle me in my second grade classroom. we were good friends and all but for some reason she just was messing around and i got in trouble for it. i also remember a time that she copied a little essay i had to write and i got in trouble for having the same essay as her! sheesh, she was trouble!

year 8 ~ HOORAY! moved out of dreaded boise and back to heavenly california where i met nikki (who sent me the above card!) and chrissy, my favorite childhood friends. oh, i suppose i should also say something about getting baptized when i was eight. hm...i remember the water being cold, forgetting a towel at home and drying off with paper towels and that my hair was really crispy with a lot of hairspray when they confirmed me the next day...that's about it :)

year 9 ~ i got glasses for the first time and never wore them and was always blind

year 10 ~ i remember taking s*x ed. who doesn't remember that???

year 11 ~ woo hoo! sixth grade! a time of the first ever girl/boy birthday parties and wearing Z Cavaricci's! oh and richie c*mpb*ll breaking my heart when he broke up with me six days after we started going out! such drama!

year 12 ~ junior high. most hate it. i loved it. except for richie c*mpb*ll making out with ashley o*****i (name left out to protect the innocent) in front of everyone during lunch. that part sucked.

year 13 ~ being in student leadership and for sure feeling like a super star!

year 14 ~ ah high school! again, most hated it, i LOVED it! i felt so cool being a freshman that i drove my brother's car through the parking lot (only after he had taught nikki and i how to drive, that is!) during track practice with my friends and then hitting a senior girl's car when i tried to park it. since ryan taught me how to drive but not how to park. sweet!

year 15 ~ is this getting boring yet?

year 16 ~ DATING finally! that part was definitely not boring, but i'll spare you the drama! oh yeah, getting my license was sweet too and then i could stop driving ryan's car illegally.

year 17 ~ senior year...again...most people hated it...i LOVED it! except for when i dyed my waist-length hair black for the school musical and it was never the same again.

year 18 ~ off to BYU where the REAL fun began.

year 19 ~ this year is all a mucky mess of sending off missionaries and being in love with too many boys to count, although luckily one of them included my now-husband so the drama was all worth it five years later when we tied the knot.

and to spare you much more reading...if you are indeed still reading this, i'm just going to cut and paste my "kissing my twenties goodbye" post that i did last year"

when i was twenty i fell in love

when i was twenty-one i moved to italy

when i was twenty-two i was fluent in italian

when i was twenty-three i got married

when i was twenty-four i started grad school

when i was twenty-five i finished grad school

when i was twenty-six i became a therapist

when i was twenty-seven i moved to boston

when i was twenty-eight i had a miscarriage

when i was twenty-nine i had a baby

when i was thirty i kissed my twenties good bye

and when i thirty one i wrote a way too long post about my thirty one years. thanks for making them so happy!



Bronwyn James said...

Happy Birthday my dear friend! Your baby bump is adorable, and so small! You look amazing!

Nikki said...

That was fun and funny to read. I can picture many of those years in my head so it made it even better! :) Hope your birthday was fantastic!!!
love you chica.

Gramma Dani said...

I love all your birthdays!!! It's always fun to see what we remember most about each year - and I read all the way to the end... :-)