Tuesday, September 22, 2009

another one bites the dust
today it was the other green crayon
green must taste best

sorry for the post lackage of late. we've been busy half the time and real tired the other half the time. i mean REAL tired! is it this baby-growing business? all i want to do is sleep. why don't we humans adopt the ever-brilliant animalistic life style of hibernation? how great would that be?

ok, now that that's out of my system - i did real live menu planning this week and made a real live grocery list and went to the real live grocery store to buy all the real live ingredients. would you like to know what we'll be eating this week for dinner? i figured you'd say that...

here goes:
monday - cobb salad (it was so great i might make it again tonight in addition to...)
tuesday - fajitas and spanish rice and veggies
wednesday - roasted eggplant, humus, pitas and yogurt sauce ala this site
thursday - pam's salad (that's you pam s! ever since you brought that yummy salad to institute months ago i can't get enough of it!) and carrot soup also ala this site
friday - homemade pizza (maybe BBQ chicken pizza...mmm!) and salad
saturday - favorite stir fry ala packer
sunday - ham and potato soup (also ala packer) and cornbread

would you like some recipes? i hear you salivating!

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Annie Ditto said...

Amberli! of course you are so super tired...my dr. told me making a baby is like climbing a mountain every day!! I want your carrot soup receeipe!