Saturday, August 08, 2009

little clown cheeks
do you see that little circus clown?

perhaps a close up

it was spaghetti night and atticus had himself a bucket of spaghetti.
we ate outside on the deck. the littlest of the minies got to eat on the littlest mini picnic table.
and atticus clearly was not happy that i was interrupting his messy spaghetti-ness to take this picture.

and was obviously too busy stealing ava's water to notice that i was taking this picture.
i wish i could have followed him around for the whole trip and documented all his thievery of food. this kid is clearly an only child, at least for now, and has no concept of the food on the table not belonging to him. my favorite was pizza night when atticus was too busy off playing somewhere, perhaps chasing squirrels or imitating peacocks, to come eat when everyone else did. so an hour or so later i see him idly wander onto the deck, casually looking about. he randomly grabbed a piece of half-eaten pizza off someone's plate, put it in his mouth and trotted off to the next adventure awaiting him in the huge wilderness that is darek's parents' yard. he was in heaven!

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Crazy Lady said...

i love that he is the only one with spaghetti cheeks. that is too funny.