Monday, August 31, 2009

just a random post
atticus and i are home today without a car or our stroller which was forgotten in the back of the car this morning when darek left for work. as a result the day's events have been confined to home, the backyard and parks within very close walking distance. a nice lady at the park let atticus keep a ball she had lent him to play with and on the way home from the park our neighbor whose little boy is six months older than atticus bequeathed him her son's rain boats and a truck he no longer wanted - i must say, it's been an unexpectedly prosperous day. plus so far i've won the battle to keep atticus' precious baby curls securely attached to his mini head but as he received another "little girl" comment on saturday night i'm guessing those curls' days are numbered. and in other pointless news, my belly button has already started to pop out even with my only 3 1/2 month old belly...that sure didn't take long.
so anyway, i suppose i should get to the point of this random post which is simply to document a little more of our summer activities as it seems that our summer is quickly turning to fall it. so enjoy the random, not-in-any-specific-order photos:
atticus and i were in utah for the fourth of july and joined my brother's family and my sister's family for a little hike at brighton. it was absolutely beautiful although a bit chillier and much more crowded than expected.

everyone watching creatures swimming in the water

on the day of sharla's wedding we had someone try to get a family photo of us...this is what most of them turned out to be - us trying to get atticus to look at the camera, and when he finally looked we weren't looking. oh well.

my brother did the fourth of july honors in front of his house with little fireworks and sparklers and such for the kids to enjoy. this was atticus' reaction to the banging and popping of the fireworks. poor kid. uncle J is laughing here so sorry for the eyes closed shot.

this is att's little cousin R who is only 2 weeks older than him. we're all convinced that someday they will be great friends although most of their interactions during our trip consisted of atticus latching his hands onto R's hair and never letting go much to R's dismay. R's parents finally had to shave his head to cut down on att's pulling ability. sad, but true.

and one evening we all got sitters for the kids and had a little girls night out dinner party at this delicious place, the name of which i can not recall. it was yummy though and so fun to have some good chitty chat time with the girls.

i guess that's it for now. thanks for stopping by.


Trisha said...

It's amazing how fast your belly starts to show when it's the second (or third...or fourth...) I can't wait to see a picture of your cute belly!

Jennifer said...

That is Gloria's and it is delicious!