Wednesday, August 19, 2009

it's not so much that i've been too busy to blog lately

on the contrary, i've been quite too unbusy to blog. we've had a few little play dates, some water park fun to fight off the heat wave, some trips to the park and the library and the like but really we've just been mostly chillin. for anyone who missed it - I'M PREGNANT! and let me tell you, growing a baby is a tiring business. perhaps more tiring this time around as i'm also chasing my wild child all about the premises. and 95 degrees + 75% humidity = not fun for the tired pregnant girl. although, i hit 13 weeks yesterday and have been feeling pretty well for the last couple weeks. i actually have an appetite which does wonders for the whole incubation process. anyway - hooray for the new babe a-growin! we are really excited for the mini to join us in february!

so how are you doing? i admit, i've been a poor blog reader of late although my handy dandy google reader does alert me to your posts and i do check in when i can to see that all is well. poor atticus has to remind me almost daily that i've been vegging out on the couch for too long. this usually comes in the form of a not-so-love-pat on the leg, or bringing the remote to me to tell me to put on curious george for him, or bringing me his shoes and my shoes and saying "outside?" he's also taken to opening the fridge and digging out his own snacks. isn't that sad? what kind of mother have i become? i hope this is temporary! he has also been telling me entire stories in gibberish of late and it make me laugh out loud every. time.

even poorer darek has been working like a madman as his busy season has just recently begun. he got home after midnight last night, fell into bed, then was up and out of the house before i woke up this morning. poor chap. the good man was home in plenty of time monday night, however, to allow me a little dinner date with a favorite friend that i don't see as often as i'd like. he was also in full support of my seeing The Time Traveler's Wife (loved it, take tissue) with some chick-a-dee friends last saturday. now i just need some good husband time. we did go to walden pond last weekend which was lovely. i even have pictures to prove it but who feels like uploading pics right now?

we also switched wards last week ("ward" = the mormon word for congregation). we've been anticipating this for a while. it was sad to say farewell to the cambridge ward but we're eager to see what the boston ward is all about, as we've heard much about it. (FYI to those non-bostonian/non-east coast mormons, the church is a whole different ball game out here!) ironically we checked the time of our new ward online and showed up at one o'clock as instructed only to discover that the info online is obsolete and our ward met at 9 that morning and all were already home lunching and napping. oh well, what's one more week of mystery?

alrighty, atticus wants me to put on curious george for him.
maybe it's time to go out and play!



Darren, Tisha and Tanner said...

YEahhhhh for new baby! Congrats!

Terese said...

Congratulations you two!!! I thought about you a lot today as my new visiting teachers came by. I miss you so much! I'm so excited for you to have baby number two. I can't believe you've have the nausea all this time and kept your little secret in. I hope you love your new ward. I think Darek and Malinda Call may wind up joining you over there. You guys left a big gaping hole in Cambridge. Sending love your way (over the river).