Wednesday, August 26, 2009

i know i have an almost two year old because

he's hyper

and crazy

and silly

and funny

and chatty

and curious

and giggly

and darling

and busy


he gets real mad

real easily

when does that part end?


Margaret said...

Alice thought this was hilarious!

Crazy Lady said...

not til they are 4...:)

maybe 5.

where are are the birthday festivities?

Dallin said...

does he fold his arms in a huff...'cause that's my favorite when D's mad...and really...I don't think it ever ends...

An Ordinary Mom said...

Definitely not 4. 2 is a piece of cake compared to 4 ... even for my angel of a child K.

Hang in there :) !!

Bronwyn James said...

Henry has just started asserting his will with me and I have to say, I miss my passive little bean who accepted everything I gave him and laid still while I changed his diaper. You're telling me it gets worse?