Monday, August 31, 2009

just a random post
atticus and i are home today without a car or our stroller which was forgotten in the back of the car this morning when darek left for work. as a result the day's events have been confined to home, the backyard and parks within very close walking distance. a nice lady at the park let atticus keep a ball she had lent him to play with and on the way home from the park our neighbor whose little boy is six months older than atticus bequeathed him her son's rain boats and a truck he no longer wanted - i must say, it's been an unexpectedly prosperous day. plus so far i've won the battle to keep atticus' precious baby curls securely attached to his mini head but as he received another "little girl" comment on saturday night i'm guessing those curls' days are numbered. and in other pointless news, my belly button has already started to pop out even with my only 3 1/2 month old belly...that sure didn't take long.
so anyway, i suppose i should get to the point of this random post which is simply to document a little more of our summer activities as it seems that our summer is quickly turning to fall it. so enjoy the random, not-in-any-specific-order photos:
atticus and i were in utah for the fourth of july and joined my brother's family and my sister's family for a little hike at brighton. it was absolutely beautiful although a bit chillier and much more crowded than expected.

everyone watching creatures swimming in the water

on the day of sharla's wedding we had someone try to get a family photo of us...this is what most of them turned out to be - us trying to get atticus to look at the camera, and when he finally looked we weren't looking. oh well.

my brother did the fourth of july honors in front of his house with little fireworks and sparklers and such for the kids to enjoy. this was atticus' reaction to the banging and popping of the fireworks. poor kid. uncle J is laughing here so sorry for the eyes closed shot.

this is att's little cousin R who is only 2 weeks older than him. we're all convinced that someday they will be great friends although most of their interactions during our trip consisted of atticus latching his hands onto R's hair and never letting go much to R's dismay. R's parents finally had to shave his head to cut down on att's pulling ability. sad, but true.

and one evening we all got sitters for the kids and had a little girls night out dinner party at this delicious place, the name of which i can not recall. it was yummy though and so fun to have some good chitty chat time with the girls.

i guess that's it for now. thanks for stopping by.

Friday, August 28, 2009

darek told me last night
that he thinks it's time to cut att's hair

i just don't think i can bring myself to do it. all his little baby curls gone, never to return again? granted, he did have a little dread in the back of his hair for a few days before he sat still long enough for us to comb it out, but still. i just love the wispy curls. who cares if strangers keep thinking he's a girl? hm...maybe it's time...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

i know i have an almost two year old because

he's hyper

and crazy

and silly

and funny

and chatty

and curious

and giggly

and darling

and busy


he gets real mad

real easily

when does that part end?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Thursday, August 20, 2009

remember how it was sunny and warm five minutes ago?
and then we had a torrential downpour?
and now it's sunny and warm again?
yeah, i like that

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

it's not so much that i've been too busy to blog lately

on the contrary, i've been quite too unbusy to blog. we've had a few little play dates, some water park fun to fight off the heat wave, some trips to the park and the library and the like but really we've just been mostly chillin. for anyone who missed it - I'M PREGNANT! and let me tell you, growing a baby is a tiring business. perhaps more tiring this time around as i'm also chasing my wild child all about the premises. and 95 degrees + 75% humidity = not fun for the tired pregnant girl. although, i hit 13 weeks yesterday and have been feeling pretty well for the last couple weeks. i actually have an appetite which does wonders for the whole incubation process. anyway - hooray for the new babe a-growin! we are really excited for the mini to join us in february!

so how are you doing? i admit, i've been a poor blog reader of late although my handy dandy google reader does alert me to your posts and i do check in when i can to see that all is well. poor atticus has to remind me almost daily that i've been vegging out on the couch for too long. this usually comes in the form of a not-so-love-pat on the leg, or bringing the remote to me to tell me to put on curious george for him, or bringing me his shoes and my shoes and saying "outside?" he's also taken to opening the fridge and digging out his own snacks. isn't that sad? what kind of mother have i become? i hope this is temporary! he has also been telling me entire stories in gibberish of late and it make me laugh out loud every. time.

even poorer darek has been working like a madman as his busy season has just recently begun. he got home after midnight last night, fell into bed, then was up and out of the house before i woke up this morning. poor chap. the good man was home in plenty of time monday night, however, to allow me a little dinner date with a favorite friend that i don't see as often as i'd like. he was also in full support of my seeing The Time Traveler's Wife (loved it, take tissue) with some chick-a-dee friends last saturday. now i just need some good husband time. we did go to walden pond last weekend which was lovely. i even have pictures to prove it but who feels like uploading pics right now?

we also switched wards last week ("ward" = the mormon word for congregation). we've been anticipating this for a while. it was sad to say farewell to the cambridge ward but we're eager to see what the boston ward is all about, as we've heard much about it. (FYI to those non-bostonian/non-east coast mormons, the church is a whole different ball game out here!) ironically we checked the time of our new ward online and showed up at one o'clock as instructed only to discover that the info online is obsolete and our ward met at 9 that morning and all were already home lunching and napping. oh well, what's one more week of mystery?

alrighty, atticus wants me to put on curious george for him.
maybe it's time to go out and play!


Sunday, August 09, 2009

frog pond

we took a little family outing to frog pond at the common yesterday. this is absolutely one of my favorite boston attractions in the summer time and atticus had more fun this year since he could run around and splash to his heart's content!

so this doesn't really have much to do with anything but i thought i'd share anyway...
i started prenatal chiropractic care last week and my chiropractor gave me some good advice i'd like to pass along. first off she told me that if you are suffering from jet lag, as i have been, you should go swimming (hence the trip to frog pond yesterday). apparently somehow the sensory experience of swimming helps to reprogram your body's natural rhythms and helps eliminate jet lag, weird, right? i was desperate though so i tried it. i did sleep better last night. who knows if it was from the swimming or if it was all psychological, doesn't matter to me. all i can say is hooray for sleeping!
so her other advice is mostly for expecting women - but just an FYI - raw almonds help relieve heartburn and freshly brewed ginger tea helps relieve nausea. i used ginger in my first pregnancy as well. it really helps. last night i peeled a couple inches of fresh ginger then sliced it up and boiled it in water for 15 minutes. then just strain it and drink it. voila! no nausea - that's what i like to hear!
alrighty - that's all for the random advice. carry on...

videos for dad

these are the videos from frog pond yesterday. i'm posting them because darek headed out of town today and he's always in need of a good dosage of atticus while he's gone. we miss you!

Saturday, August 08, 2009

one of our outings in utah

was to meet up amy, leah and jen for a little "hike" to the base of bridal veil falls. we let the kids play and throw rocks in the water which they loved despite the seriously freezing water. afterwards we had a little picnic and successfully got a picture of all the kids together.


leah went to great lengths to get them all to smile at the same time, which worked for all but one...atticus. no smiles or giggles to be had. so serious.

little clown cheeks
do you see that little circus clown?

perhaps a close up

it was spaghetti night and atticus had himself a bucket of spaghetti.
we ate outside on the deck. the littlest of the minies got to eat on the littlest mini picnic table.
and atticus clearly was not happy that i was interrupting his messy spaghetti-ness to take this picture.

and was obviously too busy stealing ava's water to notice that i was taking this picture.
i wish i could have followed him around for the whole trip and documented all his thievery of food. this kid is clearly an only child, at least for now, and has no concept of the food on the table not belonging to him. my favorite was pizza night when atticus was too busy off playing somewhere, perhaps chasing squirrels or imitating peacocks, to come eat when everyone else did. so an hour or so later i see him idly wander onto the deck, casually looking about. he randomly grabbed a piece of half-eaten pizza off someone's plate, put it in his mouth and trotted off to the next adventure awaiting him in the huge wilderness that is darek's parents' yard. he was in heaven!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

and twenty five days
while i was in utah and darek in boston we celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary. we've had seven wonderful, adventurous years that have brought us across the country, brought us closer to each other, brought us atticus and will bring us a new baby in february!

.all my love.
.all my life.
.with all my heart.

.happy anniversary my love.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

well, i am highly impressed

that both my sisters-in-law have already posted about our mccoy reunion that happened less than a week ago. good job girls! i, on the other hand, am far too lazy and far too tired to do anything productive at all this week! and brooke - ditto about the whole "the first two days after vacation are the worst two days in the world" bit, although luckily my yucky days did not include a trip to the hospital as yours did. i hope you're ok!

i bet they've also already unpacked...not me...

i'm also still functioning on west coast time which means i fall asleep at 3 AM and sleep until noon. lucky for me, atticus seems to be functioning on east coast time at bed time and west coast time in the morning, which means he's sleeping from 8 PM until noon. i guess i don't have anything to complain about - except for the dog staying at the neighbors house that barked all night.

so anywho - i figure that i'll just randomly pick pictures and post about them whenever i feel the impulse to do so. lucky for you, this happens to be one of those brief, fleeting moments. so here we go!

ah, many a hot and sticky hour were spent at the lake. between all the families there were two boats, a few inner tubes, a wake board, a knee board, a surf board, some ski's, and all kinds of what-have-yous. it was a good break from the 100+ degree torture, also known as the weather. atticus loved swimming and often forgot that he doesn't know how, much to the great dismay of his fearful mother!

atticus jumping off the dock into his daddy's arms in his hyper moments...

and lounging in the water on his daddy's shoulder in his more sleepy moments.

onto the next random photos:

the reunion planners commissioned each family to make a family banner for the opening ceremonies flag parade. it was really cute and so fun. darek designed our flashy banner. check those art skills!

and atticus did the music - aka hitting a pot with a spoon

hmmm, so it looks like that's all the photos that uploaded - i guess that's it for now!

Monday, August 03, 2009

we got home last night
after midnight

i don't know where to begin

i was greeted by a fridge housing parmesan cheese and pickles ONLY,
a sparkly clean house ~ which quickly desparkled and decleaned as soon as atticus got up this morning,
and 81 degree weather.
apparently summer decided to show up while we were gone. that's good and everything, but i admit that after we painfully endured the record-breaking heat wave in seattle last week, i was kind of looking forward to boston's 65 degree weather.

i've also decided that a month is too long to be away
especially since half the time i was husbandless
i'm beat

however, we had the time of our lives
i took something like a gazillion photos
we'll see how many of them actually make it to the blog

atticus was a total champ the whole time
he had the most fun running around with his almost 30 cousins
and for sure is doing a terrible job hiding his boredom today as he only has me to run around with.


poor darek is sleepwalking at work today. atticus and i slept until 11 this morning. and then took a 2 1/2 hour nap this afternoon. and might be headed back to bed here in a bit. poor darek.

oh but it was so great to see each of our entire families
we love boston
but we live too far away

more later ~ time for a nap